Wrest Point Tasmania Review

Wrest Point casino hotel (also known as Hobart Casino) is definitely a place that adds on to the exciting gambling atmosphere that exists in Australia. This place has a lot of history. It is actually the first casino in Australia that was ever opened. More than 40 years ago this casino was put in existence. Ever since it was first opened it has grown.

This casino has a VIP gaming area that gambling lovers love. Also it has electronic gaming machines, TOTE, poker, and keno. It has a little something for everyone to try. This casino offers regular promotions. It has one of the most loyalty programs that is comprehensive in the country of Australia. If you love to be entertained, this casino is the right place for you.

If you love table games, you would definitely love this casino. Some of the table games it has that gamblers enjoy is Blackjack, Federal Pontoon, Roulette, Federal Baccarat, and more. There are 25 table games. Those who love to play poker would love to know that this casino does have tournaments throughout different times of the year. Also, there is a specific poker room available. Information about their poker tournaments can be found on their website. You can also find information on when their poker tables are opened throughout the week on their website as well. There are 4 poker tables.

The electronic gaming machines this casino has available are very exciting. They have the latest games with bets that ranges from 1 cent to $1. There are two dedicated electronic gaming areas. Several of the electronic machines at the casino have linked jackpots. Meaning that they are linked to give out progressive jackpots with tens of thousands of dollars. To improve their experience at the casino, they can learn about their Federal Rewards Club Loyalty program. The program allows players to have discounts and a whole lot of special offers. This casino has 739 gaming machines.

Many people would love to know that the parking there is free. Valet parking is available for the guests. Live music is played there weekly. Even those who do not like to gamble can enjoy this entertainment aspect of this casino. Its atmosphere is very friendly and comfortable. Players can comfortably socialize with each other if wanted. It’s friendly to the point where players can get to know each other on a full name basis. The employees are very friendly with the players. They are always available when the guests need help.

Responsible gambling is something this casino likes to focus on a lot. Information about responsible gambling is on their website, for those who are interesting at taking a look at it. This casino is very aware about the high gambling addiction in Australia, and wants their players to have fun but be responsible at the same time.

This casino is connected to a hotel and it does have restaurants. The hotel is very nice as well as the restaurants. Its restaurants serve a wide range of food that anyone can enjoy. The customer service at the hotel and restaurants are very well.

The square foot of this casino is 45,000. Its size is pretty large. This casino is constantly coming up with ways to make itself better. One of the ways they are doing this is by making improvements on their promotions. Currently, Free Flicks is a promotion they have going right now. Players are allowed to have free entry for each of their screenings in the Showroom. Their Showroom is opened 2pm on Tuesdays.

This is a casino that many people can love and enjoy and hang out at with family member or friends. Wrest Point provides an experience that guests remember. It is a perfect casino for the state of Tasmania. Wrest Point definitely deserves a good grade. The games, the friendliness, and the entertainment along with wonderful customer service is what makes this casino special for a lot of people. Not just in Tasmania, but all around the world.

Wrest Point has been making strives to help the casino industry continue to grow. It continuing to grow has been a major help in the casino industry. It is a place that you can never get tired of. Employees at this casino always make sure that the place remains clean. There is an age limit for this casino. A person has to be at least 18 years of age. They also have to be at least that age in order to be able to enter events there. Identification is needed when entering this casino. Even if you do not live in Tasmania, it is still recommended that you check out this casino. Those who are planning to stay at the hotel, should definitely check out the casino as well.

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