The Weirdest Slots Games in the Industry

1. Village People Party- This slot machine has not been online but it is played a lot at physical Las Vegas casinos. It is considered to be one of the most flamboyant slot machines of all time. When a player hits the bonus this game has all six of the village people are all moving around a lot and they are also spinning a lot when this occurs. While this is occurring there is music playing.

2. Cash and Curry- This slot is ran by Microgaming. It is a curry themed slot. The game only contains three reels. Since it has three reels, it is played like a UK pub fruit machine. Instead of fruits being on the screen, its limes, chilies, and poppadums on the reels. The point of the bonus game is to get a combo of chicken balls.

3. Fish Party- This slot is also ran by Microgaming. It is a five reel slot. Players have to get a combo of several fish symbols in a row in order to win. It is a game that can make anyone feel like they are literally at a fish party.

4. Monty Python’s Spamalot- When this game was first released there was a lot of controversy about it because many thought that Monty Python team sold its self out by giving their name to a gambling product. However, the Monty Python team had nothing to do with this. It was announced that Python had no control over Spamalot activities. The game is packed with songs from the actual musical and has a bonus game that is aimed for players to avoid getting hit by a cow. It also has a guest appearance from The Knights who says “Hi.”

5. You Lucky Bastard- Interestingly for some people the word bastard is considered a swearing one. It is odd that the word would be used as part of a name for a slot game. Many people do not expect to get sworn at by a slot machine. The name of the slot itself is very confusing because it can lead someone on into thinking that they have won something before they even start playing it. Then it kind of makes players feel insulted when they take money from the machine. It can be very confusing for players. This game can have them thinking they have won something when really they haven’t.

6. Planet Exotica- In this game aliens are in an organic strip club. This game has a series of aliens being scantily-dressed. The game has a bonus round that where players “kiss” the aliens. They do this by selecting a set of lips in a “select a smooch” section. This is a type of game that might freak many people out and might make many feel weird because of some of the gestures in the game.

7. Judge Judy- There are a lot of wonderful movie and TV show spinoffs slots throughout the years. However, this might not be the right TV show to make a spin off of. Judge Judy can be entertaining to watch, but for the show to have a slot game based off of that is a bit strange. During a bonus round for this game, gamblers are shown clips of different cases and they are asked to be the judges of them. If they end up having the same decision as the judge, they receive multiple bonuses.

8. 40 Shades of Santa- This game is inspired by the novel and movie 50 Shades of Grey. Santa in this game is basically trying to come off as sexy. Also in the game Santa’s elves make toys that are targeted towards adults. The reels on this game are filled with handcuffs and masks. There are 50 paylines on the game. It is awkward for many to see Santa as trying to have sex appeal in any type of format. Making a game like this was definitely very risky for the company who made this. Many people just do not want to have that type of thought about Santa Claus.

There are a lot of fun slot games, but there are a lot of not so good/strange ones. The slot games mentioned have been struggling to reach mainstream appeal more so than the ones that are not strange. It is important for companies to think about how games would appeal to the public in its developing stages. Making a game based on Santa and sexual content can be very risky for many. A lot of people view the famous fiction character as someone who is for children. It is great for companies to make unique games, but at the same time they should not strive to be too risky.

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