Virtual Reality Pokies – Play VR Casinos on Samsung, Oculus

The world of virtual reality is growing and expanding into new territories. According to various reports including one from Digi-Capital, the VR and Augmented market is expected to grow to US$120 billion by 2020 as vendors, app developers and other segments push alternative entertainment viewing. Smartphone, tablet and even TV makers are looking to ways to incorporate VR into their business models as a push to bring value-added experiences to the forefront for consumers while video game console makers are looking for additional ways to expand their business. Luckily for pokies players, these trends means new ways of playing online in ways previously thought unimaginable.

Pokies on Samsung VR

Perhaps one of the best devices to play pokies from a VR device is the Samsung Gear VR. Apps for this device are powered through Google Play App Store but you won’t find any customized apps here for online casinos that can be played for real money at the moment. However, no need to fret, as there are still options. Samsung has taken a major step over many competitors in that it has released and continued to release upgrades for a web browser named “Gear VR web browser” for compatible Samsung smartphones. The browser is essentially a normal web browser that can access the Internet just as a desktop computer or mobile device can, making the Internet just as available to VR users.

The Samsung VR web browser comes equipped with a virtual on-screen keyboard, voice command functions and even a Gaze mode that allows you to sink in on an image and choose which point of access you are trying to click on. This means that going to any normal website not featured in an app is accessible, including pokies sites. The voice command allows you to enter sites easily an perform quick commands, while the on screen command keyboard allows you to click like a mouse, bringing together functionality and accessibility like other PC products. Gazing meanwhile can be used for a number of features, including clicking on or choosing an object such as a casino game at an online platform.

We recommend after you click on one of the websites above to which you are redirected to the Home Page you make use of all 3 functions. For playing pokies we recommend utilizing the virtual keyboard in order to perform functions such as reel spins and depositing money. The last thing you want to do is gaze at a deposit of $100 when you are trying to play penny slots!

The Oculus Rift Casino Experience

Unfortunately most casino apps for real money are not available with this VR system because very few have yet to customize a game that is compatible. Unlike the Samsung version Oculus does not connect via a smartphone that connects to other apps and websites. It is a shame that although Oculus runs through a PC it is not able to transfer content from that into a VR experience but this is currently the path the VR system is taking. There are pros and cons to this and it will be up to each developer to decide whether they want to invest in VR casinos that are compatible with this device. Time will have to tell.

However, as of 2016 there is one casino that is compatible with Oculus rift and that is Slots Million. This is a newer casino to the market but it is completely legal for Australian and NZ players looking to play for real money, as it is verified and registered by ECOGRA and the International Gambling Commission like other internationally renowned casinos. This casino has a wide variety of casino pokies to choose from and offers a generous welcome bonus upon signing up.

The Experience of VR Pokies

Playing pokies with VR is an amazing experience compared with the traditional casino setting. The imagery and sound are even more intense than an ordinary casino due to the up-close and personal setting with VR, and the images of reels, jackpots and live casino playing is unprecedented. It feels as if you are in another dimension of time and space when you play not only do to these factors but also because VR is an isolating experience in that your peripheral vision is exposed entirely to what is shown on the screen. This also means there are also fewer distractions and a more focused experience that immerses you in a live, yet unparalleled casino setting.

Best VR Casinos?

Overall, your best bet for either Samsung or Oculus is to use Slots Million, although Spin Palace will also work for Samsung VR applications. Both of these are reputable casinos and offer various banking options, but since Slots Million is the only one to date to make customized games we recommend you go this route.

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