Victim’s Ear Bitten Off Over A Slot Machine

Susan Keyser made a trip to a casino. Unfortunately that casino trip ended with her having to go to the hospital. She is 51 years old.


She told police she was attacked over a seat at a slot machine at Remington Park. According to the police reports, it begun when she was not having any luck on the slot machine she was using. Since she was not having any luck, she decided to move to another slot machine that Birdie Fleming occupied only minutes before.


Keyser won a bonus round on that machine. According to Officer Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department, “And, then, when the female victim won some money on the machine, the female confronted her, saying that was her machine that she has stolen.”


Based on the police reports, Keyser told officers that the machine had a zero balance when she sat on it and that there were not any belongings.


According to Keyser’s statements, Fleming continued to yell at her and then the situation escalated.


Officer Morgan stated, “At that time she actually bit the victim on her left ear.” During the time that was occurring, her husband was trying to get security to act.”

He also stated, “The earlobe was just hanging barely by some skin that was connected to the victim’s head.”

Remington Park officials sent out a statement to KFor. Their statement reads, The safety of our guests at Remington Park is of utmost importance. Our security team reacted swiftly to Monday evening’s incident and assisted local police as they conducted their investigation.”


Keyser did receive treatment at the casino and afterwards at the hospital. According to her husband, she had to get 32 stitches for her ear. At this point, it is unknown if Keyser will lose part of her ear or not.


What Could Be Done To Make Sure Incidents Like This Do Not Occur?


This is a complicated question to answer. The reason is because it is hard to track down people who might suffer from some sort of mental illness.

Mental illness has been an ongoing topic in recent years. It has not been determined if Fleming has a mental illness, but due to her alleged actions, there is a good chance that she does. As of now, it is hard to determine some of the symptoms of mental illness. Researchers have been trying to come up with ways to notice the signs before they are too late.


In order for tests to occur at casinos about a person’s mental health, there would have to be a lot of money spent. There is just pretty much no way a casino can study the brains of each individual that walks in there. Maybe there is some way hospitals can make improvements in this type of field and possibly make people who are mentally ill have some sort of identification that makes it known they suffer from it. However, this would be complicated as well. Also it would be time consuming.


Can Security at Casinos Do More To Make Sure These Type of Situations Do Not Occur Again?


This is also another complicated question to answer. In this scenario, it is not exactly know how fast the security responded. It is important to note that in a lot of situations, security is not able to respond within a matter of five minutes. In a lot of cases, they have to determine what they think should be done, before taking action. In other words, they have to figure the situation out and then go from there.


Usually, these type of cases do not occur at casinos. Casinos are usually safe. Most people who go to casinos are mature adults. Sometimes there are arguments that take place. Every now and then those arguments can get out of hand. Thankfully, in most cases they do not. Fights and arguments is something that will probably all exist. Especially at places in which that serve a lot of drinks. When some people drink alcohol they do get riled up. If you are in any type of argument that seems to keep escalating, it is best to get security involved.


There is no flat out right or wrong answer in determining how situations like these can be prevented from happening again. It is something that is hard to control at times. In this scenario, something very unfortunate happened. Hopefully no one else would have to experience what Kelsey allegedly went through while at a casino. Casinos are meant to be very fun and memorable in a good way. They are not supposed to provide bad experiences. Experiences at a casino should never end up with a person having to go to the hospital because of someone else.

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