Gambling Trends in Australia – The Path of Uncertainty

Online gambling is legal in Australia. This is something that many citizens in Australia do. Some of the most well known online gambling games in the country is GDay Casino, Royal Vegas, 7 Sultans, Casino Mate, and Guts Casino.


Even though online gambling is legal, there are some legal restrictions. The Interactive Gambling Act, 2001 is the name of the act that has put the current restrictions on online gambling. These restrictions pertain to what gambling operators are and are not allowed to offer.


There is a strong possibility that these online gambling rules will change. The reason is because current politicians are trying to find ways to help problem gamblers. Also many parties have been trying to develop ways to put tighter restrictions on internet betting. Currently the government wants to focus more on providing counseling and more programs to enforce people to not gamble illegally. If this does not work, they will put forward their own laws if the self-regulation format within the gambling industry itself does not work.


The Interactive Gambling Act, 2001 prohibits offering real money online interactive gambling services to the citizens of Australia. It also prohibits advertising real money interactive gambling services to the citizens. Services include roulette, blackjack, poker, and online sports betting.


Even though the act did not make it illegal to participate in online casinos within the borders, advertising services to the country carries a $220,000 penalty per day at the maximum for individuals participating in any form of online gambling operations. This also means $1.1 million each day for the company.


It is crucial to note that the act itself does not prohibit individuals from placing bets online and foreign operators to offer their services for Australian players still to this day. Even though technically the companies are in violation of the IGA laws, there has not been any strong attempts made by the government to stop them from offering services to the citizens. However, the liberal government has mentioned that they will focus on stopping foreign operators from offering their services to its citizens.


The IGA does not outlaw lotteries and sports betting sites. This has been set to remain this way. Sports that are licensed bookmakers within the borders will continue to be allowed to offer services to the residents as long as they are associated with a business that is land-based. Any betting for any event would have to be done prior to the start of that particular event. If a wager is made prior to the event, it is not considered interactive.


Sports betting websites and other forms of wagering that is endorsed can be played on smartphones, older data-enabled phones, and tablets. Pretty much any type of land-based gambling in Australia is legal. This is a large reason as to why they have the highest gambling participation rate throughout the entire world. Gambling has become a big part of their culture.


There are many sites that run offshore and cater for the Australia currency. They offer downloadable and play software that can be used instantly, which is acceptable. It will be hard to find access to onshore interactive casinos because of the restrictions. It is recommended for online gamblers to stay with foreign and companies that are trusted.


Online gambling has been becoming more a big business, especially betting for big time sports games. Many citizens bet really high on the sports games because sports is big time international activity many people love to watch and/or participate in. Each year it has become bigger and bigger.


Gambling online is not just popular in Australia, but it is big in the United States as well. Sports betting is real popular in the United States, especially for sports games like the Super Bowl. Each year the betting for Super Bowl games have become bigger and bigger as well. This has helped led to an increase of foreign operators offering their services to the citizens in Australia. Online gambling services make a lot of money, especially when there is a big sports event occurring in both the United States and in Australia.


Gambling is a big part of Australia’s atmosphere. The online form of gambling has been on the rise in both the United States and Australia. With the government making attempts to stop illegal gambling, today’s online form in Australia can change at any moment. This change can have a good or a bad effect on the gambling industry online. Whether or not it will have a good or bad effect on the current gambling atmosphere in the country is something we will have to wait and see on when it happens. Until then, the gambling atmosphere is booming in the country of Australia.

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