How Australian Pokies Have Transformed

Pokies were only invented 120 years ago. For many this is hard to believe because of their popularity today. Slot machines were developed in the United States and were created by Charles Fey. When he first created the slot, it was just a Liberty Bell game. This machine received a lot of popularity. It looked as if it was a big box that had a handle. Along with a grass screen on the front part. There was music playing on the machine and could have been mistaken as a jukebox.


50 years after the machine was developed, Australian company Aristocrat, seen that more and more people like to spend time and money on the machine. Aristocrat was able to realize that they could make a fortune. Once they realized that they could make a fortune off of it, their game development started. The Clubman started existing in 1953. One year after it started existing, all of the Australian registered clubs were able to legally install pokies.


All the way up until the 1980s, the pokie machines looked the same. They all each had a handle, along with either one, three, or five lines. There would also be three reels for spinning. The games were not able to give out much combinations for a long time. It is important to take in consideration that back during that time, the automates were not able to give the gamblers huge jackpots. Once the video pokies became available, this changed right away. Video pokie allowed players to not have to wait too long like before. The reason is because there were more lines and more wheels. This allowed for there to be an increase in numbers of winning options. Free spins are part of the winning options.


Australians have gotten addicted to pokies, more so than any other nation in the world. Not that long after video poker became available, pokies were allowed in every single pub in Australia.

Throughout the 1990s, the internet started becoming a part of many people’s daily lives. The year 1990, is known to be a revolutionary era for gamblers. During that year, the first virtual playhouse was opened. At that time, players were able to play a few slots online. The Gaming Club was one of the first online casinos to still exist. As a matter of fact, it still exists today. It still functions properly. In the 90s, gaming developers started creating slot variants.


Once the large corporations were starting their own online playrooms, many people’s favorite movie characters and heroes appeared in the games. During 2006-2007, the first mobile apps for online and offline gambling were launched. In this time frame, smartphones, started to take over the world. The MP3 players and cameras had started to be used much less during this time frame. Since this era has begun, no one has had to go to a land-based casino in order to play pokie if they do not want to.


There is no telling how pokies will be in the future. Since, pokies started existing there has been so many changes. Not only have there been so many changes within the pokie world, but the gambling industry itself has been changing as a whole and growing. Even though many people like to play pokie games online, there are still many who play them at land-based casinos and at pubs. Will this change? No one can really answer this right. However, one thing is for sure there will be differences in how they are played compared to now.


As the gambling industry changes, so do the pokies and the other gambling games. Pokies have played such a dominant role in the country of Australia. At the rate things are going, this seems like it is not going to change any time soon. Years from now, pokies will probably be different. Also, the way they are played will probably be different as well. With pokies being the number one attraction in gambling in Australia right now, many question how much longer they will be the number one attraction. In other parts of the world, like the USA, pokies are called slot machines. Slot machines are very popular all around different parts of the world as well.


Many people today like to gamble online a lot. This means that there are many who like to play pokie games online. A lot of the pokie games are available online. New online pokie games are released all throughout the year and are available on different types of electronic devices. The next stage of pokies is something that will be very interesting to see. One thing is for sure, as of right now the love for pokies is something that cannot be broken overall.

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