Top 5 Slot Games from Spin Palace Casino

Spin Palace is a very well-known and well liked online casino. Many players who play this online casino love that even though it is not a physical casino, it still makes them feel like they are at one. This is very important for online casinos to fulfill. If players do not feel that they are at a physical casino, then they are not going to want to support it. Spin Palace has slot games, video poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, keno, and scratch cards. Slot games are played more than any of their other categories of games. Their top five slot games are Jurassic Jackpot Big Reel Online Slot, Winning Wizards Slots, Tomb Raider, Who Wants to Be a Stallionaire, and Hitman. Some of these games are based on a video game and/or a movie that has been known in pop culture.
Jurassic Jackpot Big Reel is a 3 reel, 1 line, and two coin type of slot. In this slot game, one Jurassic Park Symbol doubles the combo payout. Winning Wizards slot is a microgaming 5 reel 5 line. The slot is wizard themed. Merlin, Staff, Spellbook, Magic Potion, Bracelet and King, Queen, Jack and Ten are all symbols on the slot video. The sound effects play whenever the play spins the reels.


Tomb Raider is a slot game that requires a player to match three or more golden idols in the 15 paylines to create a mini-game. This slot is a microgaming one. The game allows players to feel as if they are placed in a secret chamber with the golden idols and a very interesting dilemma. Players are faced with the dilemma of picking which to take and which to leave. Having three or more Lara symbols on the board will give players ten free spins. Any winning combinations a player lands the free spins will pay triple.


Who Wants To Be A Stallionaire is a 3 reel, 1 line, 1 coin slot that also has a bonus game. It also contains multiple nudge and hold features. Players can win up to a 500x multiplier value on their bet amount. The slot’s bonus trail has 24 game squares. All of the squares contain a different features. The different features are accessed by clicking the spin button to make the reel spin.


Hitman is another very popular slot game. Fans of the video game and the movie would definitely enjoy this and will be able to recognize the graphics and symbols for the game. This slot game has a 15 payline and 5 reel slots. Hitman is also ran by micrograming. It is one of the few newer slots that has been centered on a movie or a game from pop culture. The knife, choke rope, vial and syringe, the bald protagonist, and Agent 47 are all symbols that fans of the game and movie recognizable.


More and more slots are starting to be made based on a video game or a movie. This is something that helps the gambling industry. The reason is because this allows some movie fans who are not gamblers to become more engaged in it. Movies entering into the gambling industry can sometimes help slot games make more money. It should not be a surprise if casinos both online and physical become full of slots that are based on a movie or a videogame. Spin Palace Casino is one of the online casinos that have a good chance of becoming like this in the future.


Not only is Spin Palace popular in Australia, but it is popular in other parts of the world. It fits perfectly on mobile devices and computers. Many people prefer to play the games on a computer, but however there are still a lot who like to play on their cellphones or any other electronic device. There has been an increase of people playing gambling games digitally. There is a good chance that not only would Spin Palace have more movie based or videogame slot machines, but will even have a lot more slot machines available in general because of today’s time period.


Jurassic Jackpot Big Reel, Winning Wizards, Tomb Raider, Who Wants to Be a Stallionaire, and Hitman are all games that have a fun atmosphere. The sounds and symbols for these games can make a person be enthused by them. The fact that some of these games are based on a movie and/or a videogame makes them even more fun for a lot of people. All of these games are memorable for gamblers and leaves them for wanting more and more. Making sure players want more and more should be the goal for all gambling games that are online and physical.

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