Tiki Island Slot – Gamesys Pokies in 2016

This is the time to turn off your phone and forget about problems and head on to the South Pacific. If this sounds interesting to you, then you should play Tiki Island slot. This is a game that is designed for those who think that they need to take a break and receive some type of excitement. Gamesys definitely provided players with a fun slot.


Make sure you pack up everything and do not forget your passport before you go on board.


Paradise- Tiki Island takes place on a little island located in the Pacific Ocean and it is covered in giant forests.


When you start the game, you will notice the cartoon style graphic type of atmosphere. Outside of the reels being framed in bamboo, the rest of the screen is occupied by trees that are giant. They are also fully occupied by ferns that are in different shades of green, yellow, and red.


In order to have access to the beach, you would have to go through the wilderness. In regards to the atmosphere, this slot does not stand out even though it has unoriginal environment with a few details. Once the reels start spinning, the games starts to get better.


Getting the Game Started- Placing bets for this game is not difficult. The developers of this game made it very simple and it has an easy gameplay. It is a game that does satisfy by most slot players.

There are 20 paylines in this game available and each of the reels contain three symbols. Landing combinations of symbols on active paylines can transform cash prizes. The cash prizes will depend on the type of symbols landed and the wager you placed at the same time. In order to make adjustments to your bet settings for the next spin, you have to use the command bar. The command bar is located below the reels (use the “+” and “-“buttons to change your bet for each line). All you have to do is hit the button when you are ready and the spinning of the reels will start.


Since the rewards you will be receiving in the future depends on your betting size, increasing your bet size can have an impact on your next win. The bet max button will let you bet on all of your paylines all at once. All you have to do is use the click of your mouse whenever you are feeling lucky.


The Paytable of the Game- There are various colorful symbols in this game and they are all relevant to the theme. Also there are common card symbols in this game as well.


Purple, blue, red, and yellow tropical fish are the most common symbols. After these symbols are the blue and pink flowers. The rewards that are related to the first set of symbols are low. It is important to try your best to make sure that you land a lot of combinations to make them have a good amount of worth.


The monkey, the native girl, and the mask are less common, but they have a higher value. For example, if you land five monkeys on an active payline, you will receive 1,000x your wager. Make sure you keep an eye out for them so that way you will not miss out on getting big rewards.


Winning Big- There are still a few surprises left that this game has to offer. One involves the game’s logo. The logo is the wild symbol of the game. It can replace any other symbol or can be used to rack up to 10,000x your wager if five are landed.


The bonus games are pretty nice as well. If at least three puffer fish symbols are landed on the screen anywhere starts up the puffer fish game. During the puffer fish game, you have to pick up the freshest fish and receive the coins they have.


Landing three coconut symbols will trigger the Tiki Nuts bonus game. Tiki Nuts bonus game is similar to the puffer fish game, but you have to choose coconuts instead of fish. Make sure you are able to maximize your gains when playing this bonus.


At a first glimpse, this game might come off as being a bit too simple due to the gameplay and the graphic quality. However, the best parts of this game are the multiple bonus games that are provided to the players. This game does not have much originality to it. However, even though this is the case, it is still an enjoyment to play it. Also, the game is easy to play. There is not anything complicated in this game. Its payout system is pretty good and it can have you smiling. All in all it is a slot game that is satisfying.

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