The Reel of Fortune Slot – Gameshow Slots Theme in 2016

The Reel of Fortune slot developed by Rival Gaming incorporates many of the 70s and 80s aspects of the gameshows that aired during that time period. Aspects of the gameshows that are incorporated into this slot are what made them great in the first place. Rival Gaming did a great job at developing this game.


Even though the title of this game is similar to the Wheel of Fortune, the prizes are more like the Generation Game from the food mixer to a speedboat, a motor home, or a car.


Players of this game also have the opportunity to go behind the curtain in the Donkey Bonus Round. During the Plunko Bonus Round, they also have the chance to maneuver a ball into a winning hole.


The Coins in This Game- Players can rack up a nice amount of coins by getting as many matching prize icons as possible on this 5 reel and 20 payline game. Slot players can receive up to 200 coins for BBQs. The BBQ icons are perfect for entertainment purposes when being with family and friends outdoors. Up to 225 coins can be awarded for food mixers and golf clubs give out up to 250 coins. The golf clubs let you get away for the weekend. New TV’s or new ovens give out up to 400 coins and fridge freezers or scooters payout no more than 1,000 coins. If one of those start prizes are won, the speedboats can be exchanged for no more than 800 coins. Players can receive up to 1,000 coins for cars and 1,500 coins for motorhomes. Who would not like this?!


The Brucie Bonus- Bruce Forsyth, who is a Gameshow host legend use to offer Brucie Bonuses to all of this contestants and in this game there are two offered. They are offered in the form of the Plunko Bonus and the Donkey Bonus Round.


If at least three Scattered Curtain Symbols are landed, then the Donkey Bonus Round gets triggered. During the Donkey Bonus Round, 1 out of 3 curtains have to be chosen. If the curtain with the donkey behind it gets chosen, you will receive the bonus prize.


Three or more Plunko Scatter Symbols triggers the Plunko Bonus round. Those who are very familiar with the Price is Right will definitely notice that the symbols in this bonus come from hit gameshow. Remember, a nice amount of coins can be won through getting a wall into a range of win spots.


Anyone who thinks that they are a great gameshow contestant will definitely enjoy playing this game. This is a slot game that will let them showcase their skills without having to write into a gameshow and hoping that they receive some fame that would probably only last for five minutes lol.


On the Reel of Fortune, 1 to 20 lines can be played for each spin. Also for this game, matching bets on each line. They can be made up of 1 to 10 coins and the coin values would be from 0.01 to 0.25. In other words, players of this game can have total bets of only 0. 01 coins and also they can go up to 50 coins. It is crucial to factor in that the more lines are betted on, the more prizes can be won.

Even though the theme of the game itself is not necessarily modern or unique, it is still pretty enjoyable. Especially for those who loved to watch the 70s and 80s gameshow. Plus, this game contains key components of what made the classic gameshows great. It is the type of game that can make you not want it to end. That is how awesome this game is. This is a game that will have you saying the price is right if you are winning the amount of coins you want to win. Not only are the prizes in this game pretty nice, but it is affordable. If you are a fan of gameshows and wanted to be on one then why not participate in one that can not only give you a frequency of good prizes, but is also affordable?

When playing this game you will have a good understanding as to why this game is receiving a positive review. It contains all of the key factors needed in order to keep a person entertained throughout the entire time they are playing the game. Many slot players love the fact that this game is designed for slot players of different financial backgrounds and it is very simple slot game to learn. The theme of the game does not overshadow the overall gameplay. This game is definitely worth playing and who knows…you might be the one to say the price is right.

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