The Great Galaxy Grab – Hitchhikers Guide to Slots

Available on Spin Palace and other respected Microgaming casinos, The Great Galaxy Grab is a fun and bonus-packed pokie that bears a striking resemblance to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a classic Douglas Adams’ novel that has been turned into a film series and a movie, and has gained legendary status over the years.




The Great Galaxy Grab features unique symbols and a unique aesthetic, but you will definitely recognize The Hitchhiker’s Guide here. The Great Galaxy Grab was created back in 2009 and looks very sharp and polished despite its age. There are also a number of big symbols, and with no standard symbols used as filler, you’re promised a unique experience all round.




The Great Galaxy Grab works in coins and you can bet between 1 and 20 of these per spin. You can even change the number of lines you play, which means that it is possible to take a spin for just $0.01.


Bonus Rounds


The bonus features are where The Great Galaxy Grab truly excels. There are 6 different options to choose from on the game’s main bonus round. Your decision will be based on how big of a jackpot you want to aim for, and what sort of odds you’re hoping to get in return. The 6 options include games of Hi-Lo, wheel spins, games of choice and more.


There is a maximum of 45,000 coins on offer in these features, but you can get as much as 240,000 during the free spins round. This is unlocked via the scatter and you will get 10 free spins and a multiplier of 3x to help you towards the in-game jackpot.




You could play The Great Galaxy Grab 200 times and still not experience everything that this game has to offer, which makes this an experience that all pokie fans should try.

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