The Grand Journey – Slots with Dinosaurs

The Grand Journey is a Microgaming take on classics like The Land That Time Forgot. There are big dinosaurs, big mushrooms and big surprises in this exciting pokie, and you can experience these for yourself on Jackpot City and other licensed Microgaming casinos.




The Grand Journey looks great, with an aesthetic that references the classic dinosaur movies of old, and a sepia tone that perfectly complements it. The graphics are not brilliant, but big 3D graphics would look out of place on a theme like this.


The Grand Journey has 30 paylines in total and there are no standard symbols used as filler. The wild is one of the biggest paying symbols and one you should definitely keep an eye out for. There are some other big symbols as well, but none that come close to the 8,000x offered by the wild.




The Grand Journey has a maximum jackpot of 6 million coins, an amount that you can trigger regardless of your stake. The minimum bet is just $0.30.


Bonus Rounds


Non-winning free spins are one of the most frustrating things about these features, but on The Grand Journey you’ll be praying that wins are few and far between. This is because every non-winning spin adds an extra multiplier, going all of the way to 10x. So, the best scenario would be for you to miss with your first 9 spins and then win big with the final one.


There are a couple of other smaller features to keep an eye out for, but this is the biggest and the most generous of them.




The Grand Journey was developed in 2012 and has a good few years under its belt. This doesn’t really show though and it certainly doesn’t play like it. The Grand Journey is fast, generous and there are some big features to take advantage of. What more could you ask for?

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