Take 5 Slot – New Slot from Bally Wulff Worth Checking

Take 5 is a new slot released by Bally Wulff. It is a simple 3 reel classic slot that contain some large winning opportunities. There are 5 paylines in this game. On these 5 paylines, players can land classic fruit machine symbols. In this game, there are not any side games that will distract players from any of the spinning action occurring.

However, this does not mean that there are not any special features in this game. With there being a symbol bonus wheel, there is an opportunity to have repeated wins. Also, there is an opportunity to play for a progressive jackpot.


The Spinning- Classic slots are considered slots for a reason. The word classic gets attached to different items for a reason as well rather it be music, cars, films, clothes, sounds, designs, etc.

When it comes to the classic slots, they often have a 3 reel arcade style games like this one.


The retro feel is felt from head to toe and it has a 3×3 reel grid that is full of traditional fruit symbols from the old slots set. These symbols include plums, oranges, lemons, and cherries. In addition to these symbols, there are other classic icons from arcades which contain bright blue stars, golden bells, and lucky sevens with a color fade from red to a light orange. This is a slot that is perfect for those who love retro designs and slots with a Las Vegas style type of feel to it.


The Paylines- The 5 fixed paylines in this game are fixed. These paylines give out a nice decent amount of chances for winning for a slot machine that has 3 reels. Another great thing about this slot game is that these symbols have the tendency to appear at different times throughout the gaming session. In other words, it is possible for multiple paylines to be triggered in any spin.


In order to have a winning combination, there has to be 3 matching icons on any of the reels. On the section below, you will see how a multiplier will be applied to the value of the bet for each line. Guess what? They could be any of these credit values… 160, 320, 480, 640, 960, 1,600, and 2,400.


Symbol                                               Landing Three
Diamond                                           5x

Cherry                                               20x

Lemon                                               40x

Orange                                              40x

Plum                                                 40x

Bell                                                 100x

Star                                                 250x

Seven                                              1,000x


Repeating-    Earlier it was already mentioned that this slot has a lot of potential to full up its icons for multiple win lines at one time. This also means that there is an opportunity for any player to land a full house of 9 identical symbols and this would trigger all 5 paylines at the same time.

If a full house of orange, plums, lemon, or cherry then you will receive a chance at repeating that 5 payline win up to 5 times in a sequences. Along with that, a special wheel of fortune feature gets triggered. This feature offers 5 segments. Four these segments show “win” and one shows “end”. As long as you continue to spin a win, you will be able to increase your betting balance.


The Jackpot- When playing this slot game, you can also attempt to have a try at some colossal wins through a collective progressive jackpot that continues to go up every time a spin goes through. In order to be eligible for the jackpot, you have play with the minimum wager that the hoster of the game determines. So basically the more money you place, the more you increase the chances of receiving the jackpot.


The Risks- Regardless of how much money you decide to put in the machine, you will be able to increase your smaller wins with having a couple of exciting fun games. There is a simple card based gamble game first up. During this game, punters have to guess whether a turned over playing card is black or red. The odds of making the correct guess is 50/50. Making a correct guess up to the maximum gamble limit for a win of 15,000 credits. An incorrect guess will take away all of your winnings from the main game.


There is a special prize-ladder gamble game if you would rather gamble with less risks. This game has a series of prizes on a ladder taking in the top prize of 15,000 credits. The gamble button can be hit in order to land on a high or low step. In other words, you can keep gambling until they reach the top or hit 0 credits. Also, you have the opportunity to cash in all or just half of your winnings at any point during the game.


Final Thoughts- This is a very straight forward game, but nonetheless it still has some interesting features and it is a game worth checking out.

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