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Although the concept of a handheld computer known as a “Tablet” was first thought of by Microsoft close to 20 years ago, it wasn’t until Apple created the first iPad that the device really took off. Since then, all major tech developers have jumped onboard, creating their own tablets.

In the early days you needed to drop over $500 in order to buy one of these machines, but these days there are tablets for all budgets and tastes, which means that everyone can play their favorite real money pokies wherever they are.

Online gambling has never been more exciting, and most of that excitement is down to the widespread use of tablets and to the software that was created to be compatible with them.

Tablet Pokies

Regardless of what platform you use, you will notice that there are a great number of fun play pokies available. The same applies to other gambling games, but these are just games. You can not win any money playing them and as many of them cost money or require in-app purchases, you’re always guaranteed to be running on a loss. And who wants to gamble if they know they will always be down?

Luckily, there are plenty of real money pokies out there, and you can play these regardless of what tablet you own. The biggest online casino software is now compatible with most mobile platforms, and there are also a growing number of pokies that were created just for the mobile market.

Tablet Pokies

If it’s new and if it’s available from a big developer, such as Microgaming or Playtech, then there is a good chance that you can play it on your tablet. This is because all new games are immediately converted so that they are compatible both for desktop and mobile use. There are also games like Beehive Reactors, games that were made for tablets and smartphones, and games that can only really work on these devices.

On Beehive Reactors you play a game very similar to Candy Crush, but when you eventually make it to the bonus round (which you can do by collecting nectar) then you unlock a side-scrolling game much like Flappy Bird. Beehive Reactors pays homage to the mobile generation, and the best thing about it is that this bonus round is 100% interactive. So, whether you walk away with nothing or with 100x your stake is all down to your skill level.

Think you’re a whizz at mobile games? Then put your skills to the test here, as you could walk away with a small fortune.

The Best Mobile Casino

When it comes to pokies, you can’t go wrong with Microgaming. As well as being the oldest developer, the one with the longest history and the most impact on the world of online gambling, Microgaming is also the most popular with pokie fans. This is because they have a wider range of pokies than any of their competitors and because they are the true pioneers in this industry.

They were the first to create online slots of any form, the first to license casino software and the first to create progressive slots, which they did with their Cash Splash title. It’s not just about firsts either, as Microgaming is also home to some of the best pokies you will play, including the truly epic Avalon II, where you can go on a quest for the Holy Grail, and the Norse God themed Thunderstruck II.

As for the best Microgaming casino, Spin Palace gets an assured nod from us. But what sets Spin Palace apart from the rest, what makes this online casino so popular here in Australia, and with dedicated pokie fans in general?

Spin Palace Loyalty Club

We have praised it a lot already, and we can’t stop talking about it, but the Spin Palace Loyalty Club deserves all of that praise and more. The simple fact is that loyalty schemes are not very common in online casinos, even though they seem to be a mainstay in offline casinos. This seems like a glaring omission, especially when you consider how hard online casinos work to get loyal players through the door, but it’s a mistake that Spin Palace definitely did not make.

Of course, if you consider yourself a nomad, someone who likes to move from one site to another picking up welcome bonuses as you go and not staying when they have been spent, then this isn’t going to do much for you. But if you want a reason to stick around, if you want something that will reward you every time you play, then this is it.

And if not, then Spin Palace also has a big new member bonus that you can pickup and spend on your way to joining another casino and securing another bonus.

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