Superman Slots: Man of Steel Slots

Superman: Man of Steel slot is the most recent slot based on the comic book’s film universe in which was released back in 2013. Similar to the Batman series, its theme is very dark and very fitting for the young generation of today. This slot was developed by Aristocrat. Different industry experts have already been considering this slot to be one of the most exciting movie themed slots that in a long time.

Best believe that since the Batman V. Superman movie was released earlier this year, the Superman hype will continue to roll on. The slot machine industry has definitely been helping to make the love for Superman continue to go on as time goes on.

The game has two interesting game modes. One mode is located on earth, the other is located on the planet Krypton. These features have amazing factors to them. One is that the features have amazing symbols. Another factor is that these features have special effects and characters along with providing the players with the ability to adjust their playing style.

Theme of This Slot- This slot is set on a new large bonus wheel cabinet that is new from its developer. Also, it features big TFT screens that are in HD for the selection of bonus rounds, voiceovers, video game style special effects, and video sound effects. All of these are present throughout the entire playing session.

This slot provides two game universes. One is the low variance, which is the first one. The low variance location is on earth. It has homely images with Clark, his parents, the editor from the daily planet that provides human figures, and Lois Lane. When part of a win sequence does not take away from the splendid on props, they are all animated.

The second universe in this slot is dark. It is the atmosphere of Krypton. During this universe, the armies of General Zod battle against Superman & Jor-el. The special effects in this universe are better than the first one. Also, the wins are better. This is because the variance in this part of the slot is higher. Many people forget how much work is put into a slot like this one. This is a slot that does not have any low paying card symbols and it has two slot themes that are full of icons that are unique along with great graphics. The production team behind this slot has had to put in a whole lot of work to get a slot like this going well.

The Features in This Slot- Since the slot has not been finalized yet, the information about it is limited right now. What is known about the slot is that it will have 25 activated paylines. It is expected that this slot will be a penny slot. As of now, there has not been any information on the maximum bet. Since it is a slot that is developed by Aristocrat, more than likely it would give players a decent amount of wagers.

More than likely, players of this slot will have to either play the slot for a long time or will have to look at to be able to know what is going on. In this slot, there is supposed to be two or three high paying symbols in a single row in which increases anticipation a lot.

There still is not much known about the bonus rounds of this slot, but however it is known that the first one is random and it can occur at any time in the game. During this bonus round, more symbols get added on to this reel. Anywhere between 2 and 5 symbols can be added. This could make the players gain some large wins.

The second bonus round in this slot is a progressive pick win bonus round. This round is like a video game type of style. During this round, players have the ability to have control over one of the characters through clicking different options. This guides them through the bonus round.

As of right now, it is hard to tell whether or not this slot would be good. However, since it is released by Aristocrat, you can best believe that it will be good. Also, since it is based on the Man of Steel best believe this slot will be filled with a lot of action and entertainment. Especially for those who are fans of the Superman series. We can assume that the slot will be deserving of a high grade because of its developer and what it is based on. However, there have been times in which some slots did not ending up living up to the hype. Hopefully that will not be the case for this slot.

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