Different Strategies for Slot Machines

There are not any strategies for slot machines that guarantee a win, but however there are ways to increase your chances. First and foremost, regardless of what strategy you like to use, it is always best to think as if you are not going to win the jackpot. All casino games have some sort of an edge for the house. A lot of casinos like to use payout ratios as their advertisements to attract new players. This is very important to keep in mind, especially if you are a new player.

House Edge Odds on Slots- For most slot machines, the house edge is at least at 0.1%. On “loose” machines, players might receive 99.95% back. Whereas “tight” machines, might only give back 80-85%.

Betting Correctly on Slot Machines- The only way for players to at least have a chance at winning on the machines is if they try to bet appropriately. Still, it is still impossible to bet correctly on the slot machines. However trying the right betting strategy can still help players in the long run and help them receive a large payback for the bet they placed. It can also help players be able to play longer.


Fixed Bet and Progressive Bet Strategies- When a player makes a fixed bet, the bet does not change throughout the entire game session. Progressive bets involve making a bet that varies. For this type of strategy, the bet depends on whether or not the player is losing or winning. Some gambling experts suggest using the progressive betting strategy when staying at a certain machine while having an extended gameplay. Progressive betting can be used when playing a number of paylines or when playing a multiplier.


Again, players have to be aware that no strategy guarantees a win. Since there is not a strategy in which exists that guarantees a win, players should not get their hopes up too much when using either of the strategies. These are strategies that can only HELP get a win.


Determining Bankrolls- Many players make the mistake of not developing a bankroll plan. Developing a plan before entering a casino or playing online is what all players should do. Setting up an amount of money they are okay with losing is crucial. Meaning, developing a budget that would not hurt them. Not developing a plan like this before playing on a machine can end up being a very costly mistake.


When determining a bankroll, players should expect to lose. A lot of times when a player does not develop a plan, they end up putting too much money into the machines.


Another key part is determining a budget for the machines is to not have access to other money. Having access to other money, can also help make you over spend on the machines.


Different Classes of Slot Machines- Most slot machine players do not know that different classes of slot machines exist in the gambling industry. Another factor many are not aware of is that a lot of casinos have class II machines and not class III ones.


The class III slots are the ones that are considered to have a Las Vegas type of style to them. Slot machines that are class II are made to look and play similar to the Las Vegas ones.


All of the machines that are considered class III each have to contain a random number generator according to the regulated gambling jurisdiction. Random number generators guarantees that all spins are done randomly and that they cannot be predetermined in a primarily manner.

The reason why it is hard for many to determine the differences between the classes of machines is because they look and play almost exactly the same. However, the class II machines are not exactly random. When a player plays a class II machine, they are playing against the casino. Also, winning the jackpot on each spin is possible while playing a machine that is class III. This is impossible to accomplish on a class II machine.


Casinos that are not regulated have class II machines. Usually casinos are self-regulated. These factors about class II and class III casinos are very important to know. If you play a class III machine, your chances of winning against the house are higher. These two factors along with the strategies discussed in this article go hand in hand. Using the strategies along with understanding the class systems placed on machines might change your life for the better, finance wise. No matter what, no machine regardless of how fun they are is worth ruining your financial life for. The more you learn about betting on different machines, the better off you will be when playing on these machines no matter what casino you are at.

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