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The smartwatch market has been on the decline throughout 2016 into 2017 due to limited popularity for the devices from major makers such as Apple and Pebble. Despite relatively less demand compared to smartphones, there is nevertheless an audience for smartwatch wearables, one of which cares about how their watches compliment, contribute and integrate into their everyday lives. To no surprise, for the gamer on the go that likes to play casino games such as pokies this is also an important factor. Here in this article we look at the extent to which you can use your smartwatch for playing online casino games and make recommendations as to which platforms are best suited for each smartwatch.

Apple Watch

This watch seamlessly connects with your other iOS devices, namely iPhone, to present all apps on iOS devices to your Apple Watch. For example, if you have an iPhone with 50 different apps they will integrate into your iPhone depending on whether they have the proper compatibility. On the casino side, what you need to do is download a casino app such as the ones promoted above to your iPhone and sync it with your smartwatch. Such casinos like Spin Palace work very well in this regard.

The downside to playing with this device is that it is best fit for simple slots games or at most a blackjack game where the games are formatted to the small screen. But even with these games you face difficulty is seeing the game and functioning it can be a bit difficult due to the relatively small buttons. The Apple Watch will hopefully bring about easier ways to access other apps in the future and be able to turn smaller buttons into larger ones.

Samsung Gear

Initially, the Samsung Gear worked in the same way in that it requires integration with Google Play. However, Samsung has since changed that and added a fully integrated Gear App Store that allows people to download apps directly. The issue with this is that the casino world has not caught up to begin offering compatible platforms so there is really no way to escape this reality.

This screen is slightly larger than other smartwatch screens because of its round shape, making the Samsung Gear a bit more ideal for playing games. Another great feature about this watch is that it allows voice activation, which can be used at casino platforms to perform various functions, so if you want to play games like blackjack and say “hit” this is now possible.

The Future of Mobile Gambling

We think the future lies within a number of devices on the mobile forefront. In one way, smart watches are starting to gain more popularity but we think other wearable devices such as VR headsets are likely to take over due to their more encompassing and value-added features. People need larger viewing experiences for their every day playing and web browsing whereas the smart watch tends to have value elsewhere. Casino players will appreciate the larger screen on Google Glass as well so our guess is that this is where online platforms will put their investments.

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