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Smart TVs are the new central hub for home and overall entertainment in peoples’ households. With the introduction of online connectivity with TVs via Wi-Fi, the entire home industry has seen a major shift to bringing mobile and online entertainment to new realms that were previously untapped. With this development has also brought personalized apps and software applications for all sorts of entertainment, including TV shows, movies, gaming and now even online casinos. In this article we take you through the best apps and software options for accessing pokies and other casino games to make you a better-informed ‘TV’ gambler.

Best Casino App for Smart TVs

We like Spin Palace the most. This casino provider has online software and apps available that can be played on TVs. Signing up and making a first deposit makes you eligible for a $1200 bonus, which can be applied to playing for real money. The casino has one of the highest returns to players at over 88%, beating out most of the land-based casinos we have here in Australia. Players can also choose between 400 plus slots games, casino software games or even live dealer games that replicate real-life casinos.

How to Play from Your TV

Since this is a TV accessing games is a bit unique. Because every TV’s system is a bit different you may need to try a couple of scenarios. The first option is to try downloading the app from the Home screen at Spin Palace’s site. If using a Samsung Smart TV the casino app should automatically download to the Home App screen where you can sign up and put in your information, much like it would be if you were to download an app for your smartphone. However, some people experience difficulty with formatting issues when it comes to other Smart TVs because the casino app is not coming directly from it own App store. Smart TV providers have their own programming for apps downloaded to the TVs interface so depending on your system you may or may not be able to get Spin Palace’s app directly to your TV’s interface.

Luckily, this is not the only method for playing. There are No Flash options that allow a player to access the casino software from an Internet browser such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox. If you are reading this article it means you came here through an Internet browser and will be able to open the No Flash option at Spin Palace after you follow the link above, which redirects you to Spin Palace’s home page. Once you click on the No Flash option another window should open and you will be able to enter your information safely and securely, and get playing in no time.

Benefits of Playing from a Smart TV

We love kicking back on the couch, putting the Internet browser into full screen and using either a remote control or smart interface such as Apple TV to play. We also like to crank up our surround sound stereo system and replicate the loud and thrilling sounds you get from spinning pokies reels like at real casinos. The only thing missing are waiters and waitresses walking around offering free alcohol!

Your account information is secure when signing up through your TV. The malware and browser setup on a TV is just as efficient as it is on a computer, so you do not need to worry about identity theft or your information leaking out in some way. Ideally in the future, TV makers will allow for more seamless integration of TV apps downloaded from other platforms, or casino software developers will invest more in TV apps as demand grows. Nevertheless, there are options and they are fun ones meant to take gambling to the next level.

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