Skilled Base Slots Coming To The U.S.

Regulators in the state of New Jersey have approved a New York firm to be the first in the United States to contain skilled based slots on the casino floors. The payout for these games will be based on the player’s skills.
Last late Wednesday night, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement gave out approval to have the machines at three of the casinos located at Atlantic City that is owned by Caesars Entertainment. There is speculation that the machines will start being installed no later than Monday at Bally’s, Caesars, or Harrah’s.


The name of the machines are called VGMs. These machines are expected to go through several weeks of tests and they are expected to start a new era of gambling. It is supposed to attract young people who grew up playing a lot of video games.


VGMs already have a rival. Their rival is Gamblit. Last month, Gamblit announced that it will be putting similar machines in the locations of Nevada and California during the month of October. Also, they are planning to have the machines at casinos owned by Caesars. NanoTech Gambling and IGT are some of the manufacturers that are currently working on similar machines.


Millennials are the focus of these type of machines. These type of machines are also geared towards those who like to play games on social media or on their phones. People who are not that inclined with the traditional slot machines are also a target audience for the slots.


Each of these slots have a secondary winning opportunity along with a potential instant cash win that ranges from $1 to $5,000. This means that the poorly skilled players even have a shot at winning.


Gameco has been planning on deploying three triple-unit carousels at Caesars, two at Bally’s, and two at Harrah’s. This is a total of 21 playing stations. The company does have plans to expand them to other states as soon as within the next six months.


Gameco was licensed in Atlantic City and it was done through the Division of Gaming’s Enforcement’s New Jersey First program. This program speeds up the approvals for any new gambling product if they are introduced in its resort town first.


Gamblit is planning to debut their machines at Harrah’s Rincon in Southern California. After Caesars Entertainment goes through its field trials, they are anticipating to put machines with 125 Gamblit gambling positions into different Nevada casinos, and it is hoping to put an additional 100 more positions into extra markets in early next year.


Why this is Important?- This move is very important for a few different reasons. One reason is because is the start of a new era of slot machines. The move represents a big new change within the industry. It is showing that the future is here. Pretty soon skilled base slots will take over the casino floors. Another reason as to why this move is important is because the industry has been heavily looking into attracting the millennial generation. Attracting the millennial generation is very key. Manufacturers in the slot machine industry have picked up on the type of games that the millennial generation likes to play. They have picked up on the fact that the millennials like to play games that involve some type of skill. Also, the industry has realized that a lot of the millennial generation grew up playing video games. Since this is the case, the industry became very eager to contain slots that will incorporate some type of knowledge to them. Also, the elderly generation which has been giving the industry a lot of support have started to die out.


In recent years, even though the casino industry had been able to make a lot of money, it started receiving a decrease in support. A lot of this was due to the technology changes that has been going on in the world. Not only has technology caused the gaming industry to change, but it has also changed the way many people gamble. In other words, the technology of today has allowed people to be able to play slots online. With the popularity of online gambling increasing, this has put an effect on the land-based casinos that are located in a community in which online gambling is legal. Also, it is expected that more states and countries will legalize online gambling. It was very crucial for the industry to start finding ways to attract the millennial generation. Not only was it crucial for the industry to make this type of move, but it was also important for them to begin the process as soon as possible. Expect to see a lot of changes on the main casino floors.

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