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Pokies games are statistically the most popular form of gambling in Australia. With around $20 billion being spent each year on gambling, approximately half of that amount is spent on these poker machine games throughout gambling halls in the country. There are tens of thousands of pokies machines located across Australia found in local pubs and casino halls, and it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to claim that pokies make up a big part of Aussie culture.

While pokies remain huge in popularity in Australia, the ways in which they are being accessed is changing. With the rise of online entertainment, more and more Australians are turning one of their favourite hobbies – pokies games – to a form of gaming played online for real money that is starting to overtake the land-based casino world. Mobile phones, tablets and PCs have opened up new doors for playing casino games on the go, and are now causing casinos to re-think their approach.

Gambling platforms such as pokies sites as a result have been appearing more and more over the years in order to meet growing demand for online pokies playing. Aussies love being able to gamble on the go, or in the comfort of their own home without being constrained to a dark casino setting. The biggest question with this trend, of course, is which Internet sites are the safest and arguably the best in terms of fairness and real money play for Australians? In this article, we look at the top casino sites here in Australia offering real money play for pokies based on their legality, player review and overall presence in the gambling world.

The Best Pokies Sites

For us, safety, real money play, payouts and game variety are among some of the most important factors for determining a casino. The last thing we want for our readers or us is to experience fraud or some other unpleasant experience. Therefore, we looked at these factors in depth and put them to the test with multiple casino sites to see which ones stand the test as one of the best.

Royal Vegas

Established in 2001, Royal Vegas has a great slots section with more than 400 games. Players can access a variety of different payline options and different themed games, in addition to a multitude of progressive games. This casino also matches your first deposit at 100% all the way up to $1200 followed by 50% for the second deposit and 25% for the third. The casino is mobile compatible and offers 24/7 customer service. There are also a variety of payment options for banking and payouts range in the 24-48 hour range.

Royal Vegas stands as one of the best sites for playing other casino games as well since it offers blackjack, roulette and various live dealer games with a payout of over 97% – considerably higher than the average 70-80% found in land-based operations. Players can double up their efforts spinning pokies reels and then switch over to other games in the meantime when the need a break.

In addition to being a diverse site game wise, there is oversight from the International Gambling Commission and ECOGRA in order to ensure fair online pay and transactions. It is important for gamblers to know their money isn’t going into a black hole (although casino playing in general at times can feel like this) and that there actually is a chance of winning so it is important for a casino to receive such recognition.

Slots Million

This site only offers slots games, which now number over 1400! Everything from themed pokies, casino developer choices, 3D options and tournaments can be found on this site, making it the most diverse and comprehensive slots maker in the market. The only reason why we don’t push this casino first is due to the fact there are no other types of casino games available, but if you are looking to play just pokies do not rule this site out.

Slots Million is a newcomer to the industry but is nevertheless legit and covered by the same oversight as Royal Vegas. In a way, being new to the industry is what gives it the edge to stand out, as its interface, game options and overall feeling resembles more of that a casino provider who is not used to doing things the old way. We also like the fact this is the only platform offering a 3D/VR option for those who want to use wearables or TVs to gamble.

How to Avoid Bad Pokies Sites

Most pokies sites offer credit card options in addition to a variety of other banking methods that need to be approved by creditors before being applicable. If a casino offers these this is the first sign it’s financials are in action and should you ever encounter an instance where you are not betting paid a creditor will be able to help. However, we have never run into such a scenario so this is highly unlikely. Make sure to look for payment options other than Bitcoin as this indicates a single payment option that is purposely trying not to be traced.

Additionally, the quality of the games should be a dead giveaway. The two casino sites mentioned above offer real game play that is linked to major software developers such as Microgaming, which traces its games to each IP address. If there is unregistered platforms Microgaming will either stop or even prevent a casino from accessing its platform in the first place, making it hard for fake or unregistered sites to use their software. Therefore, if a dodgy looking game doesn’t look like it is from a major developer or doesn’t have a stamp of approval listed it is likely this pokies site is not legit.

Playing for Real Money

Pokies sites nowadays do offer real money play just like land-based casinos. While there are also free options, there really isn’t much fun in this since it takes away a lot of the excitement with gambling. Aussies can play for real money and do not have to report winnings since the money involved is not made from a “skill” so feel free to deposit like you would at a regular casino and gamble away. Deposits made at our promoted online casinos are safe and have secure systems to ensure identity theft or credit fraud isn’t an issue.

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