Totem Treasure – Simple Slots for Practice

Totem Treasure is a Microgaming pokie that is as basic as they come. It’s not quite retro, but it certainly looks old, and you could be excused for thinking that this pokie was developed in the 1990s. Totem Treasure is not something to get excited about, but it is not without its positives. The issue is that those positives are far outweighed by negatives. Totem Treasure can be found on some Microgaming casinos, including Jackpot City, but it has been known to be left out of many line-ups.




Totem Treasure is basic, and that’s understating it. There are many standard symbols used, and whilst most slots use these and then tweak them to differentiate them from others, on Totem Treasure the only difference is the font and the background color. There are unique symbols as well, but these are poorly designed.




Just like the rest of the game, the betting range on Totem Treasure is not very impressive at all. It’s not the worst we have seen, but with a minimum bet of $0.25 and a maximum bet of just $25, it is going to leave a lot of higher stake players out. The theme is supposed to be native American, with eagles, campfires and more.


Some of the symbols on Totem Treasure do pay well though. These include the eagle, where you can trigger as much as 12,000x your line bet, as well as symbols that return 5,000x, 2000x and 1,000x. The wild symbol is the native American, but this doesn’t return a great deal of money by itself.


Bonus Rounds


There are no bonus features to speak of on Totem Treasure, another letdown in a long list, and another feature that shows the age of this game.




Totem Treasure has too many flaws to be a memorable or even worthwhile game, and in our opinion there are far too many better games out there to spend too much time on this one.

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