Shopping Mania Slot – Review

Right now is the time to meet up with your girls and shop until you drop. In this 5 reels and 15 winlines game you will be able to do just that along with trying on outfits to win cash prizes. Also, you can go through two bonuses and more symbols. This game has everything you need to be able to shop until you drop.


Jewelry, shoes, accessories, and handbags are all there waiting for you to try them on and are also waiting for them to receive the okay from your friends. When you are not shopping, you are able to receive a skinny latte and think about your life. In this game, it is an all the way girl’s world, not a man’s world.


The Girl Crew- The three ladies you will be hanging out with all have different ideas of fashion and on what is in now. Sometimes, one lady will favor all pink while another one will favor a punk look along with a Mohawk and a nose piercing. These lovely ladies are very forward thinking and electric.


The great thing about this online game is not just being able to see clothes, but also being able to get your spending money back. Shopping can be very fun, but your cash does not get returned back to you. Instead, you get a new outfit to wear and then get tired of it eventually. Since this is the case usually, it is much better to pay a small fee and get a lot of cash back right? You will be able to spend more on winning lines and nice fashion combinations. For this game, the price is not too high and no type of shopping is out of bounds.


Dressing Up- There are two bonuses in this game. The Shopping Bonus is most player’s favorite. In order to get this bonus started, you have to land three or more shopping bag symbols on the activated paylines. After doing this, you have to make a tough decision, which is who would you like to style.

Each of the ladies, have their own unique look and due to this their style choices will vary. You pick their clothes, accessories, shoes, and etc. Once you are done doing this, you will receive a printed receipt that will show your winning total.


Sales- The Bonus Pairs Round is the second bonus of the game. It is a challenge to unlock it. This is due to the short time frame you are given to shop for these symbols.

A bonus stamp icon is the start of getting this going. If you are able to find just one of these, you will receive a special stamp that will let you get access to the sales going on. Here is the catch though. These sales only go on until a certain date. Players have until that certain date to find more of these symbols with a minimum of three needed. There is a calendar that will count down so that way you will be able to keep track. Regardless of the date that is chosen, you will receive 30 spins.

The Extras- If you miss the sales, do not worry. There are extras in the paytable that will keep you and the ladies happy. For instance, the scatter symbol. This symbol can appear anywhere and will get you a multiplied amount of your original bet. It will give out up to x25 of your payment. Then there are the typical card suits that will give out anywhere between 5 and 100 credits which is not bad for an end sale that is low.


Credit Cards- If you are low are funds that should not be an issue in this game. The pay-in for this game is just at 0.01 for each win line. This means that if you have all 15 it will turn out to be 15. However, this is only if you play one coin for this low price. If you decide to go for the maximum bet, then your wager will be at 150 instead.

Even though the controls could have been put together better, they are still simple to use.


Whenever you make a winning line, a Double or Quit round will pop up. In the Double or Quit round, you have to guess what the next color will be. If you do not guess correctly, you will lose all of your prizes. Make sure if you do decide to take on the round that you are feeling lucky.


Shopping Mania is a very fun game to play, especially if you do enjoy shopping a lot. Not only is it enjoyable, but it is fun to play and it brings in a lot of cash.

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