Shark School Slot – Review of Slot Game with Shark Theme

Ever wanted to know how sharks learn? Well here is your opportunity to know. You can receive the opportunity through playing the RTG slot, Shark School. This slot will take you to an underwater school and you will be on a quest to win big prizes. As you are playing this game, you will notice that there are different species of sharks that are very smart. Those sharks include Great Whites, Hammerheads, Bottle-nosed, and Square-nosed. If they do not eat you, you can receive prizes for finding them. You can also win prizes for rescuing some of the fish that are smaller. It is important to keep in mind that the sharks would also love to eat the smaller fish. When playing this slot, you will also see Scattered Schools and a Wild Octopus Teacher.


This game has a Pick Feature that gives players the opportunity to play 3 bonus games during the Swim Fishy Swim, Don’t Eat The Teacher, and Bad Sharky parts of the game.


The minimum spin starts at just 0.01 for each coin or 0.5 coins for all 50 of the paylines. This is a slot that offers a lesson that is affordable.


Shark School- Shark School is located in the waters of a bay that is beautiful and the graphics are very nice. The graphics are so nice that players of this game can test out their math by attempting to count the large streams of bubbles that floats to the surface. However, diving straight in is strongly preferred along with spinning the 5×3 grid to try to win prizes.


The Fishy Fortunes- Even though this is shark school, there is no fishiness that occurs in this game. Players have the opportunity to win all of the prizes and bonuses from the first spin. If you find all of the key numbers and letters that are needed for the school assignments, you can win up to 300 coins. Also, you can win up to 750 coins for protecting the smaller fish from getting eaten by the sharks. That is not all though. Rewards are given out for lining up the sharks that have been acting bad (meaning trying to eat the smaller fish) with the Great Whites. That pays out as much as 1,500 coins.


The Wild Octopus Teacher has the ability to reward you by doing a grouped appearance on reel 1. On reel 1, she might form more winning combinations. Finding all of the Scattered Shark Schools will give you 100x the total bet you made. At least three schools will trigger the Pick Me Feature. During the Pick Me Feature, you will be able to choose one out of the three schools that will all reveal a bonus game that is fun.


Also there is Swim Fishy Swim. In Swim Fishy Swim, a small fish has to avoid getting eaten by a shark. Each time the small fish avoids getting eaten, you will receive a free game that offers triple prizes. If he manages to avoid being eaten 25 times, you will also receive a 200x the bonus. If Bad Sharky is picked, you will receive 3-10 free spins with a shark on reel 1 that has an expanded wild symbol. During the Don’t Eat The Teacher round, you will have to stop the teacher from being eaten by the bad sharks. This will increase the prize multiplier during the free games.

Casting the Lines- If you cast more lines into the ocean, you will have a higher chance of landing a big fish. Want to know what is amazing about casting your lines? You can play up to 50 lines for any spin. After this, you can then stake your lines with bets that go from 0.01 coins up to 0.25 coins.

This is a really fun slot that anyone can enjoy regardless of their age. Not only is the game fun, but it is an original game that has big prizes and fun bonus games that can keep you entertained through the entire playing session. RTG has proved once again why they are one of the biggest manufacturers in the slot industry.


Shark School is a simple slot to learn and like already stated, it is very enjoyable. When playing this game, you have will have an understanding as to why many fish are smart and what it is like for them to avoid being eaten by the sharks. Also, you will get a chance to see what their school system is like. Go ahead and play this game and know what it is like learning in the deep blue sea. Have fun winning the amazing prizes that this game provides to its players. This game is definitely a pleaser among slot machine players.

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