Pokies Sites Accepting Visa – AU Casino Safe Deposit Methods

Visa credit and debit cards are among some of the safest methods to deposit and withdraw money at online casino sites, particularly here in Australia. Out of all the banking methods that casino sites accept, these cards are recognized as the leading method due to their convenient, safe and quick transaction capabilities.

How Do I Use My Visa At Online Casinos?

To answer this portion we need to address both the deposit and withdraw portions. Debit cards are the easiest solution because you are using cash that is being withdrawn and added to directly link to a bank account. In other words, you have the money to begin with when depositing and earn that money or more back when you cash out.

When it comes to a credit card, however, this method of payment is mainly used for depositing. Casino sites are not concerned whether deposits are coming in the form of credit or debit, but they are not able to issue cash outs (withdraws) to credit cards since the initial transaction had nothing to do with a purchased product that can be returned. When you gamble and place say $20 on the line this is a wager and not a product. Therefore, to issue earnings from a casino game cannot be done in the form of a credit card because this would be essentially a credit return or in the form of store credit. Thus, casino sites require an alternative form of banking info for a player to receive credit such as your debit card information or more specifically, your direct banking info including account number and routing number.

The credit debit method is our favourite way because we can first charge our winnings and see the results later. Should we fault then we can pay the damages slowly, whereas with a debit card the losses are what they are. Other forms of payment such as POLI also link to cash you otherwise own and so it makes for a much quicker impact on one’s budget.

Depositing money with a credit card for games such as pokies is instant. Once you sign up and verify your personal information such as credit info and billing information etc. the casino system verified your info and you are good to go. Casino sites such as Spin Palace all have SSL certificates and are internationally recognized for accepting transactions, making gambling online a safe and secure venture.

Will My Visa Credit Provider Care if I Gamble Online?

There are no financial downfalls to gambling online. Your credit provider and bank sees the transactions on your financial statement the same way they do with all other purchases. A credit provider cannot directly pass judgment onto the consumer but rather only cares about whether you are keeping up with payments in accordance with your credit line. In some cases with small banks they make phone calls to verify certain purchases were done in fact by the credit card’s owner as to avoid fraud but we have never ran into this issue with playing pokies online. Should it be a concern of yours feel free to call your bank ahead of time and let them know the name the casino site you will be making purchases.

When it comes to receiving deposits from the casino side, you can expect to receive these within 1-3 days on your debit card after you choose the “cash out” function at a casino. For most casino operators offering real money play to Australians, they send money from their offshore headquarters (most online casino operators are based in the UK), which can result in an international processing fee. This fee depends on your bank and the amount wired, but nevertheless will be deducted from your account when the transaction goes through.

We should also mention because of the above factors your overall credit score does not go down. In fact, if you keep up your credit card payments any purchase to a casino is added credit history so one could argue the effect is positive.

Other Visa Options

In some cases players like to use Visa Gift Cards or Visa Prepaid Cards to gamble because they have set limits. Some people receive these types of cards as gifts while others use them for specific spending such as for gambling. Whatever the case may be they are also a great way for making deposits but not they are also not applicable for receiving deposits, so you will have to submit your direct banking details as mentioned before.

Casino Sites Accepting Visa

As mentioned, Spin Palace is your best bet because it has a standing history of cashing out real money for games such as pokies to Australians via Visa transactions. All forms of Visa credit and debit are accepted at this casino, and in addition to pokies you can also play other popular casino games such as video poker, blackjack and roulette.

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