What are Random Number Generators in Online Slot Machines?

Random Number Generators (RNGs) found in slot machines are referred to as the algorithm in which a game determines the amount a slot pays out, otherwise commonly referred to as a return. Every slot machine online or at a land-based casino has a RNG that is built in to make sure that the machine never goes into a negative roll over in order to avoid a casino generating losses. The percentages of which each machine pays back depends on the casino but typically fall between 70-96%.

Land-based vs. Online

By law every casino developer needs to meet an industry standard of at least 70% here in Australia in order for the casino to meet government regulations. The AU government requires that each machine be audited and provide stats on the money being paid out as well. That means in terms of in terms of revenues bring brought in from the machines that the casino slot never is taking in more than 30% while returning 70% to the player. The percentage is actually a generous one considering the nature of gambling but doesn’t necessarily mean it will always come back to every player.

In the online world casino developers have actually been fighting harder amongst themselves to compete by offering payouts as high as 97%. The reason for this is most likely due to the fact that the free market in this sector is competitive and the online casino provider is limited to providing value through its web presence and returns whereas a land-based operation has shows, hotel and dining experiences wrapped together to bring a typical gambler more than just the playing experience. Thus, if you are a player who likes to make real money from gambling and is leaning on the fence of joining the online world then online providers may be your better option.

We have seen first hand both as an affiliate provider and as players online that this is the case. For online providers, they need to make quarterly reports to the International Gambling Commission and go through a stringent process of being verified with eCOGRA as a legitimate casino provider. We only promote sites who meet these requirements and believe that safe gambling is the most basic premise.

Other Info About RNGs

There are instances where a casino is only supposed to be held to a standard of providing returns based on its overall performance and not from a particular machine, although this is more common at land-based casinos. For example, a casino will still have to meet an overall 70% return based on revenue but the payouts may not come in the form of just one game, rather all the games in the casino. This is particularly frustrating if you are plugging away at slots all day but the casino has found there is a major poker game taking place in which millions are expected to be released, thus leading the casino to give preference to that game.

However, despite these claims what we do know here at this site is that online slot games are not allowed to change their algorithms or payout percentages if a player is performing well or if another casino games needs to pay out more. Going into software and changing it is illegal and is not a practice done by the casino providers mentioned on this site, making it plausible that the only real solution is that an online slot machine as its own unique payout that is set.

It is nevertheless difficult to determine if these machines or land-based ones that are set are providing these determined payouts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. No casino provider reveals this information but based on our experience of playing we see this take place on a daily to a weekly basis, as these online providers need to make sure their books are in place and their finances sound. Stretching the return percentages to over a few weeks makes it too difficult to keep track of company performance and hence is done this way most likely for sound business purposes.

The Casinos with the Highest Payouts

We like Spin Palace the most because it has a long-standing history of providing 97% payouts to people. With over 400 games and a great payout percentage that usually includes jackpots you are guaranteed to either break even or come out ahead playing this casino. We also recommend doubling up on other games such as blackjack and roulette to keep your playing interesting.

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