Are Online Pokies Rigged? Signs You Should Watch

The question of whether or not online pokies are rigged is one that we face on a regular basis, and one that is often posed to the online casinos that host these games and the developers that create them.

It is probably a question that you have asked yourself at one point, and all pokie players could be forgiven for thinking that they are rigged. After all, it only takes one bad run and a touch of bad luck for people to think they are being duped. However, the truth is that online pokies are much more tightly regulated and much fairer than offline pokies, and coming across one that is rigged in anyway is very rare.

Random Number Generators

All online pokies use random number generators. As their name suggests, these are random, and they can not be tweaked, altered or estimated by the player or the house. They run complex calculations as soon as you play, and these calculations determine the outcome of the spin.

Think of it this way. You have a book of several thousands pages before you, with each word in that book corresponding to a single number and with each number representing a single action. When you press “Spin”, the book is opened, the pages are spread and several words are selected at random, before they are added together to create a final outcome. This happens in a split second and is as fair as you will get. 

Return to Player Averages

All casino games have something known as a house edge, which tells you how much of an edge the house has over you. All games are weighted in their favor, but some more than others. Pokies are no different, but here the house edge is referred to as a Return to Player or RTP.

This is the amount that you can expect to get in return during long-term play. It is an average, of course, and it is very rare that you will get that amount, but it gives you an idea of how loose or tight the pokie is. As an example, if the RTP is 95%, this means that you can expect a return of $0.95 for every $1 gambled.


To add an extra element of fairness, all online casinos are audited. These audits are run by third-party regulators, acting independently of the casino, with no vested interest in the outcome. They run checks on the software to assure that everything is as it should be, that the games have the house edges and the RTPs that they claim to have, and to make sure that nothing is amiss. These auditors also guarantee the safety of a site’s banking options.

One of the biggest auditors is eCogra, a name that you should look out for and one that you may have already seen. As soon as they run an audit, it should be available for players to see.

Why Not If

The main question you should be asking yourself is not if pokies are rigged, but why would they be? We have already learned how difficult it is for rigged pokies to go unnoticed. But let’s imagine that an online casino did create some rigged games. Firstly they would need to go to the trouble of creating them themselves, as they couldn’t use games already available. Secondly, they would still need to advertise their casino just like a fair casino would, and this does not come cheap.

Thirdly, they would have to avoid being audited and regulated. Up until this point, they have spent more time and money on their rigged casino than they would have done on an honest one. And once people start playing, they will soon realize that something is amiss, before warning others in the gambling community and causing the site to go under. And that’s supposing that anyone is naive enough to join a gambling site that is not regulated, is not audited, is not well known and only has a handful of games available.

However, if they put the same effort and money into being legit, then they could make a profit indefinitely. This is because the house always wins, and gambling is an incredibly profitable enterprise for that house, even when they are playing completely by the books.

Simply put, casinos do not need to cheat you, because they will always win in the long run.

Safe Casino

With all of that in mind, you can guarantee that a casino like Spin Palace, one that uses the best known software, one that is audited, regulated and has existed for many years, is safe and fair.

Spin Palace is not the only fair casino out there, of course, but it is a prime example of the sort of online casino that you should be looking for.

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