The Ramifications of Australia’s High Gambling Rate

There has been much concern about the high amount of the Australian population having a gambling addiction. Experts have been trying to figure out what causes a person to be a gambling addict. Studies have shown that being a gambling addict is similar to being a drug addict. Researchers have found out that reward system links different brain regions that involves movement, memory, pleasure, and motivation. When a person gages in activity that keeps them alive neurons in the reward system release a chemical messenger that is called dopamine. The dopamine gives off a little wave of satisfaction and encourages us to make a habit out of enjoying something like hearty meals.

When a person is stimulated by an addictive drug, our reward system goes up 10 times more dopamine than usual. The continuous use of drugs causes euphoria to be developed. Addiction lets the brain become very washed in dopamine. The brain eventually adapts by producing less of the molecule and responds less to the effects. As it adapts it builds up a tolerance for the drug and this is what causes addicts to want a larger amount to get high. The more a person uses a drug, the harder it is for them to stop.

Just like drug addicts, people who are addicted to gambling also suffer withdrawals when separated from their desire. Compulsive gamblers do have risky ventures, like drug addicts when they want to have a high feeling. A few studies have shown that some people are vulnerable to have both a drug addiction and a gambling one as well. The reason is because their reward circuitry is very underactive. A lot of times this is what causes some people seek such a large amount of thrill in the first place.

Some neuroscientists have found out that gambling and drugs alter some of the same brain circuits. The way both alter some of the same brain circuits is very similar to each other. Back years ago, many researchers did not realize that both forms of addiction is very similar to each other.

It is very easy to gamble in Australia and there are pokies in just about every bar or pub. Many of the pubs located in Australia have betting shops. In the betting shops punters can drink and gamble at the same time. Also there is almost always a cash machine nearby that is handily placed. Not only can go to actual places to gamble, but they can also use the internet to do this. Now because of the internet, it is even easier to have access to any form of gambling. Most people in Australia have some type of access to the internet. For most Australians, the internet is at the palm of their hands because most do own a cell phone.

The easy access to gambling in Australia has played a big role in why a lot of their population is addicted to it. Making all forms of gambling less accessible is definitely way to help reduce the amount of gambling addiction in the country. Of course this will not solve the whole issue, but it would definitely be a major step. Solving the gambling issue in the population is going to take time, especially since laws would have to be changed. Also because some of the places that have slot machines will also have to make adaptions to the changes. It is best for the country to start working on the issue now. Another way to help stop the issue is to start developing rehab specifically for gambling addicts. Developing rehab places that is specifically for gambling addicts will cost money, but if the government starts working little by little to try to get this done this could be a major help.

Working on the issue now will only help the population with its addiction. Currently it has been estimated that the gambling problem is costing $4.7 billion each year, and that the average Australian is losing AUD$1380 a year to gambling, according to reports. With the economy currently going through a crisis, they do not need to lose a high amount of money due to gambling. If the gambling issue does not get fixed soon, there is a good chance their economy will become worse than what it already is. It can lead to more disruption. Making major steps to fix the issue can be costly, but so is having a large population addicted to different forms of gambling. Trying to solve this issue is better than not solving it at all. Solving the issue is worth saving not only the economy, but families. Gambling addiction should be treated like a drug one. Treatments for gambling addictions should be enforced for the citizens who have this problem.

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