Review of Problem Gambling Hotlines in Australia

The gambling addiction that many people suffer from in Australia has been a deep concern. Not just for economic reasons, but for family reasons. The reason is because a lot of times gambling addictions do cause families to split. Gambling too much can also have a negative effect on children. Financial problems can develop for those who gamble too much. Since there has been high gambling rate in Australia, there have been hotlines developed to help those who do have a gambling addiction. One of the ways gambling addicts can receive help is by contacting problem gambling hotlines. The service is very helpful for anyone with a gambling addiction and for those with who know someone who is battling an addiction. By it being available 24 hours a day is a major benefit.


The Gambling Helpline is a wonderful helping hotline that is available. Their phone number is 1800 858 858. They are available 24/7. Not only do they help addicts, but they also give counseling to family members and friends of those with a gambling addiction. This service can organize an interpreter for those who need one to deal with crises, relapses and other different personal issues. Those who prefer to speak to someone face to face can be referred from this service to a Gambling Help Service. Gambling Helping is a service that is definitely recommended to those who are battling with this issue.


Lifeline is another service that is available for those with a gambling addiction. The number for their service is 13 11 14. This service offers counseling for those who have an addiction and offers help to family members and friends of addicts. Lifeline is a service that is heavily focused on helping those who have an addiction. They work really well with those who do have the addiction. The service does a good job at explaining the impacts of gambling too much. Just like The Gambling Helping, this service is also recommended. This service also works with Gambling Helpline.


Gamblers Help Youthline is a different recommended service. This service focuses on young people who are addicted to gambling. Even though gambling addicts are stereotyped to be old men, there are a lot of young males and females who are addicted to gambling. Gambling addiction can start from a very early age. There are some who perform underage gambling and are addicted. This service also helps family members and friends of those who are suffering from a gambling addiction. This service would definitely help young people who are addicted to it. Gamblers Help Youthline is available 24 hours a day. Their number is 1800 262 376. The service knows how to connect well with young people. They are very focused on making sure that their gambling addiction does not go any further. Young people are able to become addicted to gambling the same way elders can become addicted to it.
All of these services serve a big purpose. They all can save people of different ages from many different issues that comes with having an addiction to gambling. Gambling has been a big issue that many people have suffered from. The sooner an addict receives help for their addiction, the better off they will be in the long run. Anyone who has a gambling addiction should receive help for it as soon as possible, not only for themselves but for their family as well.


Here are the signs of gambling addiction:

  1. Feeling the need to be secretive about gambling.
  2. Having trouble controlling your gambling.
  3. Gambling when you do not even have.
  4. Family and friends being worried about you.
  5. Gambling to forget personal problems.
  6. Becoming irritable because you are not gambling.
  7. Borrowing money from people when being put into a financial hole from gambling
  8. Betting more consistently.
  9. Committing fraud to gamble.
  10. Gambling until you are able to “win big”



If someone contains at least one of those symptoms, they should receive help as soon as possible. Someone might say, “Well I only have one of the symptoms, my gambling is not bad.” Even though they might just have one of the symptoms, they still should receive help before they start having more than one symptom.


Gambling addictions should be taken seriously. It should be taking seriously as if it is a drug addiction. Thankfully all of these hotline services do exist. These services are willing to do whatever it takes to stop their clients from being addicted to gambling. Their customer service has been performing very well. They are very caring about their clients. Caring for their clients is a huge priority of theirs. These services are very useful for today’s world.

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