The information on this page concerns the privacy policies of Online Slots Real Money, a content site that is focused on online gambling and on pokies in particular. This information relates to the readers of Online Slots Real Money, and to their privacy when using the website.


User Information


The personal information of its readers is of the utmost important to Online Slots Real Money, which is why they do their best to preserve this. In many cases, Online Slots Real Money will keep user information safe simply by not requesting it. There are no services or products sold on this website, so there is no need to take sensitive information. However, in some cases (such as the use of contact forms and newsletters) some simple personal information may be required. In these cases, Online Slots Real Money will strive to keep the information safe and secure, and they will never sell, lease or give away this information to a third-party.


If any user of Online Slots Real Money leaves their contact details or other personal information, they can be assured that this will not lead to any unwanted marketing and that they will not receive any emails or other correspondence that they did not specifically request.




Online Slots Real Money uses Google Analytics, which is used by the majority of content websites and simply allows the owners of those websites to keep track of who is using the site and what they are doing whilst they are on it. This software takes some information automatically, including location, browser and more. However, this is not connected to individual users, which is to say that Online Slots Real Money will not be able to ascertain a user’s actual physical location, their contact details or any other sensitive information through the use of Google Analytics and all services connected to it. What’s more, Online Slots Real Money only uses this information for analysis, which in turn allows it to offer a better experience for everyone.




Cookies are small files that are automatically downloaded onto a user’s computer once they visit a website that uses cookies. These files serve as a bridge between the user’s computer and the website, essentially telling the site which articles have been read, which pages have been visited and other basic but useful information. In the opinion of Online Slots Real Money, and of many other websites, cookies are essential to creating a better user experience and are therefore used on the Online Slots Real Money website.


There are no security risks involved with the use of cookies, and Online Slots Real Money, its owners and its operators, will not have access to a user’s personal information or files at any time.




Online Slots Real Money is an affiliate website, which means it does not make money by selling a service or a product, but by linking to websites that do. Online Slots Real Money does what it can to ensure it only links to respectable and trustworthy sites, but it is not connected to these sites in anyway, and can therefore accept no responsibility for anything that happens where a reader clicks off this site and onto one of those sites.


The polices on this page only concern Online Slots Real Money and do not relate to any of its affiliates, so readers are advised to seek and find the privacy policies of all of the websites that they visit.




By reading this policy and continuing to use the Online Slots Real Money website, readers are automatically giving their consent for all of the policies listed here. If, for whatever reason, you do not agree to any of the terms listed here, then please close the Online Slots Real Money website down.




If Online Slots Real Money decides to change these policies at any time, they may try to contact readers to warn them in advance. If, however, it is not possible to make contact with readers of this site, or if those changes are so minor that no such contact is needed, then no such attempts will be made. The changes will come into effect as soon as they are made, and if you do not agree with one or more of them, you are advised to close this website down.


This page was last modified on the 18th February 2016.




If you would like to discuss the terms listed on this page, then you may use the Online Slots Real Money Contact page to leave a message with the site’s operators. User experience is always at the very top of the agenda for Online Slots Real Money, so if you are unhappy with the terms listed here, or with anything else on this website, they would appreciate a message.

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