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The tablet is perhaps the most popular form of accessing pokies games in the online world of casino gaming. Since the inception of iPad all way to the release of Samsung, Acer and Surface Pro, Aussies have continued to buy tablets in increasing numbers to beat out on-year sales growth of traditional desktop and even laptop computers. The tablet is the best of both worlds between notebook and smartphone applications, and is a mobile solution that has caught the eyes for many Aussies for a number of uses, including an ever-increasing interest with online pokies playing.

Pokies on the tablet

The best and most direct way to play pokies on a tablet is to sign up directly on a casino page, as you would with other applications and play directly from the casino’s already formatted casino platform. An example of this type of playing is Spin Palace’s online casino. Unlike some other providers that require a separate app to be downloaded, Spin Palace skips this process all together and prefers that a player accesses the casino directly from a web bowser such as you would with other websites. The reason behind this is for better and simpler integration with its site should you choose to access it at another time with a different device. Although integration with browser versions and Apps should be a feasible task issues do arise so Spin Palace aims to avoid these types of issues all together.

The different types of tablets compatible with Spin Palace include:


  • iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini


  • Lollipop
  • Marshmallow
  • Nougat


  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

For tablet users, Spin Palace recommends having at least these upgraded software programs on your tablet in order to meet specifications for most of its new games. Unless you have just pulled out your tablet from the closet and haven’t been updating in recent years most likely you already have your tablet equipped with one of these operating systems. If not, simply go ahead and upgrade for free on your tablet and then proceed to the casino site. Assuming you are upgraded, simply follow the link above to where you are re-directed to the home page to sign up and play.

Spin Palace formats all of its games to fit the operating system and even size of your tablet of your choice, so whether you have a 7-inch tablet or a 13-inch one this casino has already formatted and tested its platform to make sure its site is tablet friendly.

After you have signed up you are able to play where and whenever you like, provided there is an Internet connection. Should you have any issues arise there is also tablet-friendly customer service available in which you can either type of call directly to the casino for questions. We have been known to play on the go while taking the bus to work or even placing our tablet on car dashboard to play in between traffic stops or traffic jams. With a tablet, the sky is the limit to how you interact with it, especially in terms of online pokies playing.

Pokies look and sound great on tablets. The games are all the same in that they can be played for real money, although there are also free options should you want to get warmed up. The visuals are all in HD or Full HD, and depending on what type of processor or back panel your tablet come equipped you will experience the reels differently. Nevertheless the games are the same premise, and the ability to access all the different sorts of games, jackpots and progressive types are the same.

Actual Pokies Apps Instead of Web Browser Tablet Games

Slots Million is a great interface that provides its own separate App for those looking to download an actual App to their tablet directly. This App can also be integrated with your mobile phone and desktop version of the casino so that you can play in various formats. Currently this casino offers more than 1400 pokies and is slowly gaining a reputation for being one of the leading slots providers, with Spin Palace holding the number 1 spot. To download this slot you can also follow the link above to the casino site where you are given the option to download the App or play from the web version.

Other Tablet Casino Games

The great part about signing up at Spin Palace is that you can also play other casino games such as roulette, blackjack and craps whereas Slots Million is only a provider of pokies. We particularly like the live dealer mobile casino option where you can play live dealer blackjack and roulette via your iPad, Samsung or Windows device. Your tablet also has touch functions like the slots games in which you can hit, split or perform other typical casino functions.

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