Pedal Power Slots – Fast-paced Racing Pokies

Get on your bike with Pedal Power, a Microgaming pokie that offers some fast-paced racing action and can be found on casinos such as Jackpot City. If you’re a big fan of skin-tight Spandex and the excitement of the Velodrome and Le Tour de France, then Pedal Power could be just what you are looking for.





Pedal Power looks like its been dragged straight out of the 1980s, with a retro backdrop and an overall aesthetic that reeks of road racing circa 1980. This wasn’t what they were going for, but it isn’t a terrible thing and the graphics are okay. The paylines, on the other hand, are a little limited, with just 15 on offer, and with no way of reducing the amount of these that you play.


The biggest symbol in Pedal Power is the championship trophy, which returns as much as 2,000, but the game also has a substantial jackpot which goes considerably higher than this.




Pedal Power has a big in-game jackpot, and if your luck is in then you can secure as much as 400,000 coins with a single spin. At the maximum bet of $0.10 per coin, this equates to $40,000, and even at the minimum bet of $0.01 per coin it’s still a respectable $4,000.


Bonus Rounds


Pedal Power has a free spins round where the player can make a choice between three different options. You can opt for more free spins and a smaller multiplier, or fewer free spins and a bigger multiplier. There is no better or worse option and they are weighted equally, but you will get more or less with each of them depending on how your luck plays out. A feature with one or two big wins and nothing else is likely to benefit from the option with the highest multiplier, whilst a game with multiple small wins and no big wins, is going to benefit from the increased number of free spins.




Pedal Power is not spectacular and isn’t going to pass the checkered line in first place, but it is a respectable title and one that cycling fans will enjoy.

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