Once Upon a Rhyme – Slot Based on Fairytales

Fairytales are something that will never die through the worlds of Pixar and Disney. Pixar and Disney has a reputation of retelling original stories and changing them into something that is fresh. However, it was never expected that a game brand like Blueprint Gaming would be able to do a very good job at this as well. Maybe even better than Pixar and Disney. Blueprint Gaming’s Once Upon a Rhyme slot provides an experience that is out of this world. It contains a lot of features in which you will not know what to expect or where to look at.

Once Upon a Rhyme slot has 5 fixed reels and what goes on in this slot is beyond decent. It covers all of the bases that are needed in order to make a slot good, which are great designs, decent winnings, a good soundtrack, a lot of bonuses, and simple controls. This slot game is pretty much perfect.

On the reels, you will see the likes of Little Miss Muffet and Humpty Dumpty along with The King’s Man and Three Men in a Tub. The King’s Man is a rhyme that many have heard and memorized throughout their childhood. Warning…there is a lot to go over in regards to this slot.

Going Down the Memory Lane- Through using the same approach as Shrek, fairy tale and rhyming coupling live in the same place. Seemingly, they all have a lot of money if you land the right matches.

All of the lower value symbols in this slot have been replaced with card suits, similar to Alice in Wonderland. This is one of the best elements of the slot. None of the tiles have dullness to them, and they all have their own vibe.

With the lower value symbols, players are able to win anywhere between 4 and 100 credits. Landing three of those symbols will give out the smallest amount and five will give you the largest. After this is done with, here is where the money will really start going up. The reason is because the minimal amount is no less than 40 credits for every three. By the way, this is good.

The wild symbol is an elegant swan. It has the typical capabilities of typical wild symbols (it replaces other symbols). Also at 500 credits, the most money is given out.

The Features- A lot of the features in this slot are activated randomly. Since they are randomly activated, you do not have to do anything to get them started. This makes the slot game very charming.

During the Three Men in a Tub, guys sail in their small boat and they spray up bubbles as they are going. The bubbles that are left will pop and will make the symbols match. It is similar to a random wild.

During The King’s Men, the men battle on the grid and take over between 2 and 5 of the reels. They will pick a random symbol to keep making an appearance on each spin, when they stampede. This will determine the value of what your prize will be.

Little Miss Muffet gives less than the others, but her bonus is still enjoyable to play. In this round, any of the symbols can change into a wild.

Humpty Dumpty brings in a lot of free spins, and they are not your typical type. They contain up to 10 wilds. The matrix will not stop spinning until all of the wilds have been used. However, more spins will be given as a compensation if the Three Blind Mice push Humpty off again on accident.

There is even more to this slot, but however it is best for players of this slot to find out more of the fun stuff about it on their own. This slot has A WHOLE LOT to offer. It provides an experience that is unlike any other slot. The feeling any slot player would get as they are playing this slot is MAGIC. Its title is perfect for this type of slot. Blueprint Gaming definitely did a wonderful job at creating this slot. This is something that cannot be expressed enough. It is pretty much a guarantee that any slot player would definitely love to play this. It is the type of slot that can be played 100 times and still be enjoyable. This is definitely one of the best slot games that is currently on the market (both online and at land-based casinos). A lot occurs in this slot and it is hard to keep track of them. Guess what? Slot players can make a bet of between 0.20 and 500 credits. Nothing really can be lost, through giving Once Upon a Rhyme a try if you are a slot player.

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