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You don’t need to download casino software in order to play your favorite pokies, not anymore. These days the biggest developers have no download software available, and as the name suggests, this software doesn’t need to be downloaded.

Benefits of No Download Pokies

The biggest plus to no download casino software is that you don’t need to have the latest version of Windows in order to play. In fact, there are no compatibility issues, because regardless of what platform you use, whether it’s a mobile or desktop one, you will not have any issue. You will need to use a certain browser, but in most cases, everything from Chrome to IE and Firefox will work, and it is much easier to download a compatible web browser than it is to install a compatible operating system.

No download casinos are also just as quick and they have just as many features as downloadable casinos. But when you factor in the time you save not downloading, as well as the fact that you don’t need to rely too heavily on your computer or your connection, and you can let the casino’s servers take the burden, then they are much quicker and easier.

The only negative to no download casinos is that some users experience lag, but if you have a strong connection — which is fairly common in this day and age — and an updated browser, then you should have no such issues.

The Best No Download Software

Microgaming were one of the first developers to create no download casino software. In fact, Microgaming have created a long list of firsts in this industry, and without them, online casinos would look decidedly different. After all, not only were they the first ever online casino, but they also created the first progressive pokies and currently have some of the biggest jackpots of any casino software.

Microgaming’s no download software let’s you play through your browser, choosing from their entire range of table games, pokies, scratch cards, video poker and lottery games. Basically, if it’s available on their downloadable software, then you can play it through their instant play casino as well. Not all Microgaming licensees offer the no download option, but it’s there for them if they choose to use it, and the better ones do just that.

The Best No Download Pokies

No download casinos are just as quick and just as powerful as their downloadable counterparts, so there is no need to restrict your choice of pokies. The best no download pokies are therefore the best pokies full stop, and in Microgaming’s case, this includes everything from Mega Moolah, which is the biggest progressive pokie in the world and currently holds the record for the highest payout, to Avalon II, an action-packed slot that takes you on an adventure, with scores of bonus features to unlock along the way.

Being Disconnected From a Pokie

Disconnections tend to be more common on no download pokies, especially if your connection is weak or your computer/browser is overloaded at the time. This also tends to be more common on laptops and other devices running on battery power, as the power is often diverted in an effort to conserve the battery.

If this happens during a bonus feature, then don’t worry about it because as long as you’re playing on one of the big developers, then your place will be held. So, if you crash out during the bonus feature, then you’ll go straight back into that feature when you restart. This applies even if you close the pokie yourself, although the casino may rely on cookies in order to do this, so make sure these are activated.

The Best No Download Casinos

There are many great Microgaming casinos out there, but one that usually comes out on top, and one that seems to attract more Australian members than any other, is Spin Palace.

Spin Palace is one of the biggest online casinos in the world, and one that was established close to 2 decades ago. After several years at the top, it was acquired by BetWay, who pumped more money into the casino and helped it to grow even more.

These days Spin Palace is one of the best places to play Microgaming pokies, helped by the fact that it offers all new players as much as $1,000 in free cash, along with a handful of free spins, and the best loyalty scheme around. This loyalty scheme is what sets Spin Palace apart from its competitors, because such schemes are incredibly rare these days, but provide a great way for loyal players to generate a steady supply of freebies.

This loyalty scheme rewards you every time you play, and the more you play, the more you will earn. Simply put, if you gamble a lot and are sick of moving from one site to another, picking up welcome bonuses as you go, then this is an equally rewarding and much simpler way of boosting your return.

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