The Ninja Cats – Slots with Cats as a Feature

A cat would be the one animal you would assume to be the most similar to a ninja. Cats are very nimble and contain some of the best balance throughout the entire world. Also, when they are creeping around they do not make a sound. All of these traits are shared with all mythical ninjas. Espresso was definitely looking to create something different with this game. In this game, cats and ninjas are connected together in a new online slot that has been released.


This is a game that is both weird and wonderful at the same time. One question that has to be asked is if this is a game that is worth trying. If you continue reading this, you will definitely find out.


The Courageous, Cute, and Cuddly in This Game- Japan is where this slot takes place at. This should not really be a surprise. In this game, you will get a glimpse of a Japanese style type of home and it sits in the background of the reels. Part of the reels are covered by a lantern. Also, there is a red flag that is part of the display overall.


On the bottom left of the reels, you will see a grandmaster cat waiting there. He is waiting on you to make in-game movements. On the right of him, there is a title banner. This title banner is based on a traditional Japanese fan look.


The Weapons Being Ready- The symbols of this game look very cool. There are letter and number symbols that are based around the ninja characters. As expected, there are several cats and they have different level belts and weapons. Daggers, swords, scythe, and nun chucks are some of the weapons included in this game. There are other cats and symbols that are important to know about. They are the old man, noodle soups, and mini cats. The reason why these symbols are here is to increase the fun gaming experience.


The symbols in this game fit in pretty well with the theme.


Learning the Correct Moves- You will be asked to set the coin value at the start of the game. The coin value you place does not have to remain the same throughout the entire game. The reason is because you can change it through using the right display on the screen. On the bottom row of the screen, there is a display that contain some vital in-game information like the total coins, step, and bet. In this case, “step” is the bet level. You can make adjustments to this through multiplying your total bet and the step number.


On the right side of the screen, you will see that there is a scale that has the max bet, spin buttons, and step. In regards to the game controls, that is all there is to it. Ninja Cat keeps this part of the game very simple.


The Stealth- This is a five reel slot that has no paylines. Yes you read that right, there are not any paylines in this game. This slot pays out through rewarding the amount of like symbols you land on the reels consecutively. The position does not matter. The only thing that matters is that they land on consecutive reels. This game pays out from left to right too and it increases your chances of landing a big prize as a result of this.

The Wilds- This game does have a bonus filled center. There are two wilds in this game that can help you out big time. They can help you win large. The mini wilds are there to help you win by replacing the letter and number symbols.


The wild that is major replaces the cat focused symbols and it takes up the whole third reel. Not only does it take up the entire third reel, but it also multiplies your winnings. Even though wild symbols are common in online slots, it is rare for them to have a mini/major role in this type of format.


Other Bonuses- There are other bonuses in this game to look out for which is the scatter symbol and the bonus one. The scatter symbol gives out a bet multiplier of 100x at the max. In the bonus game, you can receive a multiplier that will go along with the bet amount.


Final Thoughts about the Game- This is a game that is bizarre, but it works out well. Espresso did a good job at developing this game.

The Ninja Cats can definitely catch players off guard, but it is still a game that is worth checking out. Once you start playing it, you will get the hang of it real quick and be anxious to be the one to enjoy the prizes offered.

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