More Dice & Roll Slot

If you love the original Dice & Roll slot developed by Euro Games Technology (EGT), then you would enjoy its sequel, which is More Dice & Roll. This game has the same classic theme, but on an even larger scale. The reason why this is the case is because this game is an upgraded version of the original slot and it has the double amount of paylines to 40. Since this is the case, there are more ways to have some fruity wins. This game has the same stretching wild symbol and the usual EGT side games.

What is missing from this game that is in the original is the high paying scatter symbol. This leaves the grand jackpot to be at 15,000 credits.

The Spinning Aspect of the Game- Those who are familiar with the original game would recognize the fruit symbols that pop up on the reels. This game has some very luscious looking oranges, cherries, citrusy lemons, grapes, plums, and a slice of watermelon. Those who play this game will also see a red number 7, rolling dice, and a golden bell which adds on to the authentic traditional gambling style.


In regards to the classic slot machines, this slot fits right in and it is perfectly well designed. Its icons are shown in very great detail. This game is a good mix of the simplicity of the traditional arcade slots and beautiful visuals.


The Payout System- The huge difference between this slot and the original is the fact that there are more paylines provided along with more reel positions. Players of this game will see a 5×4 set of reels on the screen. This means that 20 symbols will be shown on any spin and there are 40 fixed paylines available that can make the symbols become winning prizes.
Since the paylines are in a permanent position, all of the total bet positions that are located at the bottom of the screen has to be divided by 40 in order to get the bet per line. Doing this is very useful because you can easily deduce the common line bet multipliers that are given out for specific winning combos. Anyone who chooses to play using a maximum total bet of 800, then the credits actually being multiplied will only be at 20.

The line bet multipliers start as small as 5x for finding three cherries, lemons, oranges, or plums in a row going from left to right. Getting five of those fruits will give out a 50x multiplier. Grapes and watermelons have much more of a larger value. They give out a 150x payout value when there are five on a payline. The bell icons are the next up. Those icons have a value of no more than the 300x the line bet. Five seven icons will give out 400x. Awesome right?

The red dice icons are the most rewarding because if five of them are landed on a line, the jackpot multiplier will be at 750x.

Yes, that is not a big jackpot in comparison to a lot of other slots. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that there 40 paylines available to give out winning sequences. This means that this is a game in which offers small prizes on a frequent basis.


The Dice Icons- The dice icons give out the most lucrative payout. That is not all though. They have a special characteristic which will help get those wins rolling. Whenever the icon makes an appearance on the reels, it will cover all of the adjacent reel positions in any possible direction while also replacing all of the other icons at the same time. If the wild symbol appears on the third reel, it will cover up the second and fourth ones as well. It can give you matching icons on the first and fifth reel to give out a five in a row type of multiplier. Also, if the symbol appears on the second and fourth reels, then you can definitely be having a look at a whole lot of dice icons, which will give out a nice set of jackpots.


A lot of slot players will find that this game offers a lot of potential for promising wins. Even though the spins do not give out the large bucks, there is always a double provided in order to get the process going for the game. Also, it is important to factor in that there is a Jackpot Cards feature that is randomly rewarded. All in all, this is a very enjoyable game to play. Also, this slot can appeal to both retro slots lovers and video slot lovers. Overall, EGT definitely did not disappoint with this game at all.

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