Midas Millions Slot – Themed Slot based on King Midas

Midas Millions is a 5 reel slot developed by Ash Gaming that has 118,700 different possible ways to win. It is a bit different from slots that you might be used to playing. For one, this slot does not contain tradition reels. Instead, a honeycomb structure is used. The placement of each symbol is inside a separate cell. Another interesting factor of this slot game is that the winning combinations are determined by the symbols that are next to each other. That is not all when it comes to interesting factors of this game. There are not any paylines in this game. The winning amount is determined by the symbols that are connected to each other.


The Theme of the Midas Millions- The game is centered on the classic myth of King Midas. King Midas wished that everything he touched changed into millions. This game uses the same type of concept since the winning combinations are based on by the touching symbols, not how they appear on a line. One thing you will notice when playing this game is that the symbols do not spin. Instead they flip over and they form new patterns. Some of the symbols you will in this game are grapes, an expensive looking watch, a private jet, a luxurious car, a champagne bottle, and the card symbols (J, K, Q, A, and 10).


The Features- There are a few features in Midas Millions that are enjoyable and useful. The Auto Play function is the first one up. Through using this function, you will be allowed to make up to 25 spins that are automatic. Also, you can choose when you want the automatic spins to start. The automatic spins can be set up during the free spins.


The change music button is another interesting feature provided in this slot. You have the ability to change the music. As of right now, there are two songs you can separate from. Also you can make adjustments to the volume through the same tab. If you do want to hear any of the songs, then you can choose “None” as your option.


The Bonus- The wild symbol of the game is the Midas Millions logo. This symbol only has to replace 1 other symbol in order to create a winning combination. There are connecting wilds in this slot. Any symbols that are in between wilds turn into wilds as well. In this slot, wilds are able to connect in a diagonal form through King Midas and he can make the symbols turn into gold wilds. All of the symbols will then change into gold wilds and the winning value becomes doubled.


There is also a free spins round and they can be easily activated through landing 3 Free Spin symbols. Automatically, you will be given 10 free spins to begin with, and that is very good. During the free spins session, the free spins will not be able to get retriggered. However, the good thing is that King Midas will change 1 or 2 symbols after all of the free spins. These wilds stay locked until the free spin session ends. This definitely increases your chances to win, and even though they will not turn into gold you can still have more winning combinations formed.


The Limits- This is a slot game that targets all types of players and it is very friendly. Coin values in this game start from 0.10 and go all the way up to 500.00. Basically due to the coin range, you are able to play at a stake that is comfortable for you. There are 118,700 different possible ways to win. The expected payback rate for this slot is at 94.02%, which is amazing. The jackpot is worth 1,000.00, but there are multiple ways to win. Even if you do not manage to hit the jackpot, there is potential for you to make more money through spinning. Amazing right?


Final Thoughts about the Game- This slot game definitely deserves the grade of an A. Not only is it fun, but it contains originality. Midas Millions is perfect for those who are looking for something new in the slot machine market. It is a really unique slot game that has high payouts. The great thing about the slot is that its graphics are very easy on the eyes. Slot machine lovers can definitely play this over and over again without getting tired of it. Its audio is very creative and players are given the option to choose their preferred music. The coin values have a huge range and by them having a huge range you can use a value match that matches your betting number. Midas Millions can definitely put a huge smile on your face as you are playing it.

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