Microgaming Review- Australian Pokies Developer

Microgaming has been in existence since 1994. It is one of the oldest and one of the most popular online casino softwares today. They first launched with Gaming Club. Gaming Club was the first internet casino that launched. They still use Microgaming. Since the launch of Gaming Club, they have worked with 70 internet casinos. Microgaming broke the record for having the largest jackpot won online many times over that are progressive. Their jackpot payouts have been over $1 million on multiple occasions. The software pays jackpot winners immediately and in full. It is privately owned.

In 2002 they released their Viper software. It has been considered to be the standard for excellence in the online gaming industry. Their high selection of games along with their graphics and sounds makes them the best for online gamblers. It constantly gives updates and offers a variety of games. Microgaming Viper has more slots than any other software provider.

In the year 2008, the software announced that it would not accept American players because of the anti-internet gambling laws in the United States. Even though they have lost a large portion from not accepting American players anymore, the software has continued to grow a lot. It has added many games and casinos. Their headquarters is located in the Isle of Man. The software offers a lot of video slot machines that contain state of the arc graphics and high quality sounds. They do have some licensed theme games like Lord Of The Rings and Batman.

Every microgaming game has the same rule and odds. On the Gaming Club website it states, “All payout percentages are reviewed by independent auditors, and with an average 94.7% payout ratio, you can expect better returns than those from a land-based casino.” However there are some games that are part of the Microgaming software that are stingy like land casinos.

Microgaming has 55 table games. Some of these games are not similar to each other. For most of the games the minimum is $1. The maximum is usually somewhere between $100 to $500. Their games are considered to be user friendly. All of their games are designed to work on all modern PCs. The sounds and graphics are all also available on modern PCs. Some of their slot machines are very advanced. This is another reason why Australians should consider using the Microgaming software.

Microgaming software has been making the online gambling industry fun for many people gamblers. The software has been able to make gamblers feel like they are at a physical casino. This is something that is very key for online gamblers. Online gamblers love to feel like they are at casino that is physical. They want to be able to have the same type of excitement that physical casinos can offer. This software has proven to be able to do this.

The software does work with ECOGRA. This means that the software is very safe to use. It protects gamblers information and makes sure that responsible gambling is taking place. Those who are worried about their information getting stolen from using this software should know that ECOGRA has a very good reputation of making sure that the payments are fair and that private information is safe. They also have a good reputation of making sure that underage gambling is not taking place on online gambling websites. Online gambling rules have been becoming more enforced. Both ECOGRA and Microgaming have been working together to make online gambling safe and fun at the same time.

With online gambling becoming more and more popular, it is crucial for softwares like Microgaming to exist. Online games have to keep improving. Microgaming is making sure their games continue. They love to make advancements to their games and like to make sure their games stand out from other online softwares. This software makes games run very fast and easy.     customer service this software offers has been working wonderfully. They love meeting their customer’s satisfactions and needs. Their software has caused on the online gambling industry to keep making step forwards and not backwards which is one of the reasons why they are highly respected.

Anyone who enjoys gambling in Australia, especially online should definitely use this software. It is fun and strongly recommended for online gamblers. The online gambling industry has been growing a lot in recent years. Microgaming has been making features that will make sure it continues to grow, not just in Australia but in other parts of the world as well. The software has a good chance at staying for a very long time because of the recent increase in online gambling. As long as online gambling is around, this software will be as well.

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