Manufacturers of Pokie Machines in Australia

The Australian industry for pokie machines is actually small compared to the American slot machine industry. There are only three major industry players even though there are a lot of companies who make pokie machines. Aristocrat is the most prominent industry player. International Game Technology and Konami are represented a lot in pubs and casinos throughout the entire nation.


Aristocrat was founded in 1953. The company has been known to have very good timing. Their timing has played a major role for its success in the industry today. The Clubman was the first machine to be released from the production lines. A few years later, the Clubmaster followed. In the year 1984, the first modern day pokie machine was released by Aristocrat. This release changed the image of gambling in Australia and solidified the company’s position as the leader in the country of Australia.


The International Game Technology has had a long history of being a private company. This manufacture pokie company started operating in the 1950s. It did not receive a lot of attention in Australia until it went public in 1981 and became a part of the slot machine business. In America they have played a major role in the slot machine industry. They are the number one manufacture slot machine company in America. The International Game Technology has been making moves in the Australian market. It has been having a lot of popular games that are receiving a lot of success. Cleopatra is their best known game.


Konami has been receiving most of its success in the arcade and video game fields. In these fields they are the most respected. Even though their main focus has been on arcade and video games, they have made pokie games. The pokie games they have made, are not known by most people. Even though their pokie games are not well known, they are very high quality. This company has been making pokie machines since 1996 in the Australian industry. Their more well-known games are Money In The Bank and Incan Pyramid.


Arzue Gaming is a Japanese based company. The company was established in 1969. Now the company has manufactures in Australia, United States, and South African markets.


Len Ainsworth founded Ainsworth Game Technology after he left Aristocrat in 1995. After he left he founded Ainsworth Game Technology. Aztec Fortune and Inca Reef are a few of their most popular games. Currently this manufacture is growing and is showing a lot of promise.


Additionally, Willams Gaming is one of the most popular brands that is currently manufacturing games in the United States. This manufacturing company has recently been starting to release games in Australia. King Midas is their most popular game. It is expected that this company will release more games real soon.


Will there be more manufacturing pokie companies in Australia? This is an interesting question. There has been a lot of money made in the gambling field in Australia. More than 80% of its adult population is into gambling. Many reports have found that Australians lose more money per adult than every other developed country that is developed. If the government in Australia does not change any laws in regards to gambling soon, more than likely there will be more manufacture pokie companies in Australia. Gambling is a big industry in Australia. There will be precautions to make this occur, because of the country’s current economy. Even though the gambling field makes a lot of money in Australia, the population has been losing too much money because of it. It is important to note that at some point the government in Australia whether it be its current one or in the future, might put more limits on the gambling industry. This is something Australia would have to wait and see on. Their current economy status can play a big role in whether or not the manufacturing pokie companies expand in the country.


Last year, Australia had their highest gambling rate yet. A lot of the reason as to why their gambling rate reached its highest last is because the bets have become higher. Many gamblers in Australia love to bet on sports games. Betting on sports games has become the fastest growing gambling area. It will be interesting to see how the manufacturing pokie companies in Australia maneuver around this along with the current struggling economy. Manufactures who want to be involved with the gambling industry in Australia, have to think carefully and smart fully about their current economic status and think about the future. Again, even though gambling is popular right now in Australia, possible changes can occur to decrease it being played so much at some point. Manufacturing in the gambling world can be difficult because a lot of times risks are being taken.

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