Why Were Slot Machines Made?

Slot machines have been making a huge impact in the casino industry for many many many years. Not only have they been making a huge impact within the casino industry, but also on the world as well. Since the start of their existence which was in 1895. There is a reason why they have been put on this earth and have been dominating for a long time.


The Liberty Bell- This was the name of the first mechanical slot machine. As already mentioned, it was made in the year of 1895. It was developed by car mechanic, Charles Fey in San Francisco. The slot machine had three reels, spade, diamond, and heart symbols. Each of the symbols were painted on the reels and a cracked image of a liberty bell. A result of three liberty bells in a row had the largest payout….which was a total of 50 cents or ten nickels. People today can still see this slot machine at the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant located in Reno, Nevada.


The Demand for the Machines Increases- The demand for the Liberty Bell increased. However, Fey, was not able to build the machines fast enough because his shop was small. Gambling supply manufacturers wanted to buy the rights for the manufacturing and distribution rights for the machine, Charles Fey refused to sell it. As a result of this in 1907, a Chicago manufacturer, Herbert Mills, for arcade machines started a production of a slot machine that was a knock off of the Liberty Bell. It was called the Operator Bell. Mills became the first to have fruit symbols placed on the machines. Those fruit symbols were plums, lemons, and cherries.


Why Did The Liberty Bell Need to be Made To Pave The Way For Other Slot Machines- There are a few different ways as to why the Liberty Bell had to be made. One reason is because anything that is first paves the way the next product in that same group. The next product is able to have improvements from the first one. This is what happened with slot machines. Since the Liberty Bell first existed, slot machines have been making huge improvements. Also, they have been able to make a lot of advancements since the release of the first slot. Slot machines after the Liberty Bell have been able to take on its strengths and learn from its weaknesses. Since the Liberty Bell, the quality in graphics have been improved by a lot. Also, the machines have made a lot of improvements in making themselves look exciting and be more exciting. Due to this, more players have become addicted to the machines. Not only that, the slot machine industry has been able to expand more.


The Impact of the Slot Machines- As years have gone by, slot machines have become much loved all around the world. For many, slot machines are part of their weekly activities. These machines are very valued in many people’s lives. Throughout the years, they have been making the majority of a casino’s revenue all around the world. Many slot machines know how to connect well with its players.


Money made off of slot machines- Like already stated, slot machines make up most of the revenue for casinos all around the world. The house makes most of their money off of slot machines. Slot machines are the most popular casino games. More people put their money into the slot machines than in any other casino game. Even in the online casino industry, slot machines are very popular. They make a lot of money as well. The house is always very happy when they see a lot of casino guests playing on the machines. Usually, on the machines, the house has more of an edge than the players do on the machines. The house is usually very aware about how a lot of slot machine players like to put a lot of money into the machines. As long as slot machines are able to make the house happy, they will keep existing. Since the 1970s, slot machines have been able to put financial smiles on the house’s faces.


Slot machines are in existence because a lot of people all over the world love to be entertained and because they are able to generate a lot of money. Not only have casino owners have took notice of this, but so has the slot machine developers. Slot machine developers purposely try to make the machines in which the player would not want to end their session. The longer the session the more money that can be made. Even though some might be against slot machines, no one can deny that they hold a special place for many on this earth.

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