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The Mac operating system is Apple’s default platform, one that comes installed on all of their laptops and desktops. Apple have been creating such machines for many decades now, but not until the release of the iMac and the PowerBook did these machines become so sought after. And these days, thanks to the prestige they have gained through the iPhone, iPod and iPad, their latest versions of the Macbook and Mac desktop are some of the most beloved computers on the market.

Mac users haven’t always had it easy though, and one of the areas in which they have struggled is with online gambling. Fortunately, that is no longer the case.

The Mac and Online Gambling

Many years ago, when Microgaming launched the first ever online casino and kick-started a trend, you needed to have a Microgaming Windows operating system to play. What’s more, you needed to download the software onto your computer and play from there. It was slow, the graphics were limited and the games weren’t great either. Still, Mac gamblers wanted a way to play their favorite games, and there wasn’t one.

Fast forward a few years and some developers began to cater for Mac, but the software was still lacking. Microgaming, after closing their online casino to focus entirely on the development side of things, were actually one of the first developers to change things. Not only did they ensure that their software was compatible with other platforms, but they were also one of the first to pioneer the use of instant play casinos, which allowed players to play the casino software through their web browser, therefore negating the need for a specific operating system.

These days Mac users enjoy just as much compatibility as Windows users. Many Mac users still prefer to play through their web browser, but providing they use a casino from a major developer like Microgaming, they can also download the software and play it from their desktop.

The Best Mac for Gambling

If you like to take your gambling with you wherever you go, then you should opt for a Macbook. They are light, compact, yet powerful machines that compete with the biggest desktops on the market when it comes to power and performance. Of course, MacBooks are not cheap, but you get your money’s worth, which can’t always be said about Windows-based machines.

The MacBook Air is also very popular with the mobile crowd. These laptops are just as powerful and feature-rich as the standard versions, and they are usually a similar size, but they are much thinner and much lighter. This does not make them any weaker though, as all MacBooks are constructed from a single block of aluminum, making them solid and sturdy.

Of course, if you intend to gamble from your home, then there is nothing wrong with the Mac desktop. This is an all-in-one machine, with a bigger screen, a sharper and crisper display, and much more power under the hood. Regardless of what machine you choose though, and regardless of what you need it for, a Mac will definitely get the job done.

The Best Mac Software

Microgaming is one of the most respected developers out there, and not without reason. Microgaming were the first of their kind and they still create more slots than any other developer. What’s more, Microgaming are considered to be the best by all fans of pokies, because as well as a list of classics such as Avalon and Thunderstruck on its roster, it also develops more slots than anyone else.

Microgaming is also compatible with most platforms, so you shouldn’t have an issue if you use the Mac operating system. You can choose to play it through your web browser or you can download it onto your desktop, whatever works best for you.

Spin Palace

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