Lord of the Rings Slots – Play Frodo as Pokies

Lord of the Rings is one of the most successful fantasy film series of all times. The success of this monumental series gave way to a fantasy age, and if not for this then Game of Thrones and other TV and movie spectacles might have not been possible. It is no surprise then that Microgaming worked so hard to get the license to this series, and no surprise that they created more than one game based on it. Lord of the Rings Jackpot is a fun, bonus pokie that comes equipped with a huge jackpot. To take a stab at winning this life changing sum for yourself, head for Jackpot City and other respected Microgaming casinos.




Lord of the Rings Jackpot has the same setup, the same aesthetic, the same variance and the same symbols as the standard Lord of the Rings pokie. The difference here is the inclusion of a progressive jackpot, which makes things a lot more interesting. The jackpot is multi-tiered, much like Microgaming’s other famous slot, Mega Moolah. This ensures that there is a jackpot for everyone, regardless of stake, although some of these jackpots are not really worth the effort.


The first jackpot is seeded at just $10 and rarely goes above $100. The second is seeded at $100 and rarely goes above $1,000. The third is seeded at $10,000 and rarely goes above $100,000. And the biggest jackpot is seeded at $1 million and has been known to go considerably higher than this.




You can bet for just $0.01 on this pokie, but that’ll only qualify you for the smallest jackpot and you should look to bet at least $1 to aim for the biggest one.


Bonus Rounds


The main feature on Lord of the Rings Jackpot, as is the case with the standard Lord of the Rings pokie, is a free spins feature. There are 15 free spins to unlock in total and these come with a 2x multiplier.




Lord of the Rings Jackpot has great aesthetic and it is great fun to play. When you add the progressive jackpots to this then you have a game that should please all pokie fans and one that can change your life in a heartbeat.

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