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Although it may come as a surprise to many, Linux is the most popular operating system in the world. This was not the case just a decade or so ago, far from it, but thanks to the Android operating system, to Linux platforms like Ubuntu, and to the popularity of Netbooks, many of which use Linux, this once-obscure OS has taken over.

For Linux users, one of the main advantages this brings is the fact that these days most software is compatible with Linux, and if you want to play your favorite pokies on your Linux device or machine then there is nothing stopping you.

What is Linux?

Linux is an open-source operating system, which basically means that its code, the thing that defines it, is available for all to see. This allows users of the platform to change it and tweak it as they see fit. This effectively means that Linux is the Wikipedia of operating systems, as an entire community is always working on it, doing their best to improve it, to offer add-ons, updates and extras, and to fix any issues that might arise.

This is why Linux is so popular with developers, as they can model the platform to their needs. It is also why Linux has been used as the basis for many other platforms, including Android, which is the world’s most popular mobile operating system in terms of the amount of devices that use it.

Linux is free, but it is not as user-friendly as platforms like Mac OS or even Windows, so it’s not recommended for inexperienced users.

Pokies on Linux and Android

There are many pokies available on the Android device, but the majority of these are “fun play” games, which stems from the fact that Google do not allow real money gambling apps on the Google Play Store. This does not mean they do not exist though, and you just need to pay a visit direct to the gambling website and then download the app from there. You may need to change your settings to allow third-party, “non-app store” downloads, but there is no security risk involved with this, so it’s nothing to worry about.

As for the Linux desktop operating system, there may be some compatibility issues, but these are becoming less and less common and there is usually a way around them.

The Best Linux Software

Not all gambling software out there will work with your Linux operating system, and this applies across the board, not just to online casinos. For instance, many popular online poker rooms, including the iPoker Network, doesn’t work with anything but Windows.

There is also online casino software that struggles to work with anything but Windows or Mac OS, but if you stick with the biggest and best providers, then you should not have an issue in this regard. For instance, Microgaming have always made compatibility one of their main goals, and their software is pretty much universal.

Not only can you download Microgaming onto most desktop and mobile platforms, but if your OS is not able to do this, then you can simply use their no download casino. This will let you play directly through your web browser, and providing you use one of the more popular browsers, including the likes of Google Chrome, Firefox and even Safari, then it will work fine.

Microgaming is the oldest casino software developer around and it also holds the honor of being the very first online casino, laying the foundations for an industry that is now worth billions of dollars. Microgaming also has the very best pokies, so if you’re looking to play some pokies on your Linux OS, then there is no better way.

Spin Palace

So, if Microgaming is the best software to use on your Linux OS, then what is the best Microgaming casino? Well, there are many contenders, as Microgaming don’t just license their software to anyone. However, one of the most popular in Australia, and one that we’re always quick to recommended, is Spin Palace.

Spin Palace is one of the longest running Microgaming casinos on the market, with close to 2 decades of experience behind it. It offers a huge list of the best Microgaming titles, with a nice selection of banking options (including PayPal, Skrill, POLi and more) and a great new member bonus. This bonus is far from the biggest we have seen, but what this lacks, the Spin Palace Loyalty Club more than makes up for.

This loyalty scheme is not only one of the best you will find, but it is one of the only ones you will find, as such schemes are just not as common as we would like them to be or as they should be. The Spin Palace Loyalty Club drip-feeds you free cash, prizes and other perks every time you play, and the more you play, the more VIP perks you will get.

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