Legitimate Online Pokies in Australia with Secure Algorithms

A good pokie is a fair pokie, and there is no shortage of those out there. To understand how fair a pokie is, you need to understand how they work, how you can verify that they are safe and legit, and how to spot the safest and the most legit.

That’s the point of this article, so read on to learn more.

Understanding How Pokies Work

In the old days, pokies were mechanical, with actions being decided and triggered by a series of cogs, gears and levers. In those days, jackpots were smaller, simply because there was no way of making the chance of winning that jackpot so infinitesimal. That ability came with the invention of electronic and computerized pokies, and these days whether or not a pokie pays out is all down to a complex algorithm.

That algorithm is known as a Random Number Generator, or an RNG. This works by running a constant calculation, speeding through millions of numbers all of the time. And as soon as you press “Spin” these numbers stop, a calculation is run and based on the sum of this calculation, the outcome is decided.

All of this sounds pretty complicated, and it is. There is no way to see the RNG or to predict it. That applies to you as the player and to the casino, which ensures that the outcome is never decided beforehand, and can not be manipulated during or afterwards.

There is also something known as an RTP or a Return to Player, which is a little less complicated, a little more transparent and can serve to provide you with information on how likely a particular pokie is to pay out or not.

What is an RTP?

The RTP is another calculation, but this one is done to determine how much of a chance you have of winning on a particular slot machine. The RTP is a set percentage, and one that typically ranges from 85% to 98%. To understand the RTP, you need to replace the percentage amount with a dollar sign, and that will be your expected average return if you were to gamble $100. So, on a slot with an RTP of 97%, this basically means that for every $100 you gamble, you can expect to lose just $3 on average. Of course, that’s just an average amount and it is an amount you will probably never arrive at, but it does serve to provide you with information on whether one pokie is more generous than another.

The Most Secure Pokies

So, where can you find the fairest pokies, and the ones with the highest RTPs?

Well, some developers make things difficult for you by allowing their licensees to change the RTPs as they see fit, others simply have low RTPs by default. Microgaming does neither of these things though.

Microgaming was the very first online casino, the first software developer to license to other casinos, and in our opinion, the provider of the very best pokies. These pokies all have strong RTPs, averaging at between 94% and 97.5%, which is one of the highest averages you will find.

So, if Microgaming are the best developer out there and the one with the fairest pokies, then which is the best Microgaming casino?

For that, you need not look any further than Spin Palace, one of the oldest, the biggest and the very best online casinos out there.

Spin Palace

Spin Palace doesn’t just have the best pokies and the best Microgaming games in general, it also has some stand out bonuses. This includes a new member bonus that offers as much as $1,000 as soon as you sign-up. There are also some free spins to unlock, and these can be used anywhere on the Spin Palace casino. There is usually between 50 and 100 of these available and you can choose to use 1 spin on 100 different pokies, or 100 spins on one pokie. Either way, it’s a great way to put these games to the test and to find the ones that work best for you.

Spin Palace also has some loyalty bonuses, including additional free spins, but the best feature on this highly respected online casino is the Spin Palace Loyalty Club, which is one of the only loyalty schemes out there, and also one of the best. With several levels, this scheme rewards you every time you take a spin on your favorite pokie, giving you points which can then be converted into a range of prizes. The more you play, the further you will climb in the Spin Palace Loyalty Club, and if you make it all of the way to the final level, known as the Prive level, then you’ll be in for some true VIP perks.

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