Breakdown of the Latest Slots In The Casino Industry

The casino industry is constantly trying to find new ways to expand. One of the ways they do this is by developing new games. New slot games are generally released every month. Slots are the most popular gambling games in the world. They are also the most profitable part of the casino world. The reason is because a lot of players like to play them 24 hours of a day to try to win a huge and exclusive jackpot. Gaming companies always want to offer the latest and greatest features in order to make slot machines have a lot of success. Today’s technology era has allowed players to become more drawn in to the machines.


On average new slot machines are launched in quarterly segments. A lot of the games are first shown at trade shows like the Global Gaming Expo and the ICE Show in London. Bally Technologies, VMS, IGT, Konami, and Aristocrat are all companies that offer slot machines to different land establishments across the world.


Newly released slot machines that were revealed in 2015 were the Flintstones and Elton John slots by the WMS company. Also Ellen DeGeneres slots which are two separate games were also released last year. The Ellen DeGeneres slots were developed by IGT. Austin Powers and Duck Dynasty were other slot games that were released last year. These new slot games have been improving a lot thanks to today’s technology. Today’s technology has allowed video graphics and sounds for these games to improve. Technology improving the graphics and sounds for slot machines have played a big role in why they have remain such a big success. Duck Dynasty has been one of the most popular television shows in these recent years. In this game, players can receive free spins, a lot of amazing bonuses, and play different mini-games like Redneck Roulette to double their winnings. People who enjoy watching the show will definitely love to play this slot machine game. Elton John is one of the most famous music artists in the world. The legendary singer has created a lot of hits that people around the world love for several decades. His slot machine has 5 reels and has 40 pay lines. The reel symbols on the game are musically themed. It also contains classic images of the legendary singer. Images of pianos, glasses, and gold records are found on the slot game along with poker symbols. John is currently having a long running Las Vegas show that is expected to continue to roll on into at least 2017. Fans of his would definitely love his slot machine. He is currently one of the very few music artists who have their own exclusive slot machine game.


Both of the Ellen machines are equipped by voice overs from the famous person herself. She is currently one of the most famous tv show host. Her show has been watched by millions of people in the United States. They also both have bonus rounds and multipliers. People who are fans of Ellen DeGeneres would definitely enjoy both of the slot machine games. The Austin Powers slot machine has a lot of features and bonuses that many people enjoy. Austin Powers was a very popular movie. All three of the releases of this movie were big box office hits in movie theatres. The series of movies starred Mike Meyers. Famous singer Beyonce starred in the third installment of the film titled Austin Powers in Goldmember. All three installments were directed by Jay Roach. This slot machine is also available for some mobile devices. Fans of the movie installments would definitely enjoy this slot machine.


With the increase of slot machines being based off of movies, television shows, celebrities, and videogames, more and more people have been playing these type of games more. Incorporating celebrities, movies, and videogames is very smart. Doing this can help persuade a non-gambler into playing these games. There are some people who are willing to try to play these games because of it being based off of their favorite movies, celebrities, television shows, and videogames.


All of these incorporations are helping the slot gaming industry to expand. Slot gaming companies have to find ways to continue to survive. The slot machine companies who are releasing new games constantly and using a lot of creativity have been helping the casino industry continue to survive and have more success in this ever-changing world. Not only are slot games popular in a psychical format at casinos, but they are also popular in online and in digital formats. This has helped allow slot machines to continue to improve. On average each new slot machine keeps improving and improving.

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