June 2016 Gambling News – Review

Australian Regulator Charges 179 Owners For Greyhound Exports

Governing body of Greyhound Racing in New South Wales Racing NSW (GRNSW) has decided to charge 179 owners and trainers. They are being charged for allegedly exporting greyhounds to Macau in an illegal manner.


In December the investigation began. The investigation was done over dogs being exported to the former Portuguese enclave. It is not compliance with the Australian animal welfare standards. Greyhounds Australasia is responsible for distributing pedigrees that are certified and greyhound passports. However, it has not recognized Macau as a place that is acceptable for dogs.


All greyhounds that are exported from Australia, except for those going to New Zealand, need a certified pedigree from Greyhounds Australasia along with a greyhound passport.


If participants in the industry that are charged result in a conviction, the trainers and the owners can be banned from the sport. They can also face suspensions and fines.


The dogs that were tracked as part as the investigation were delivered to the Macau Canidrome allegedly. They were also allegedly destined.


In November of last year, the track that was opened in 1963 under Portuguese rule was able to gather a one year license renewal even though there were allegations from Albano Martins of Anima that the racers were not being treated right.


In December, there was a six month investigative report released by abc.net.au and others. The report seems to have been the force of the charges being developed.


Data Shows Billion Dollar Jackpots Can Possibly Become the Norm

The last Mega Millions draw was another round of people not predicting all of the numbers required for the jackpot. In other words, another jackpot rollover occurred.


The word rollover for those who love to play lotteries means that the value gets added the next time around. Since there weren’t any jackpot winners at the end of May, the value went up to a staggering $235 million.


Even though $235 million is an impressive jackpot, it is still ways away from the record Powerball $1.6 billion. Since there was a multiple rollovers the jackpot went up to record proportions in January of 2016. Based on what has been occurring lately in the lottery industry, it is very likely that the jackpot will go above $1 billion again.


It is important to know that even though $1 billion is a large target for any lottery owner, many gambling experts strongly believe that the average jackpot is going to go up in these upcoming years. Those gambling experts believe that it is not because of economic factors like inflation.


There has been an increase of people participating in online lotteries around the world. Online lotteries are considered to be the savior of lottery games. Now there has been an increase amount of interest in the lottery. Players are able to have easier access to jackpots and games, thanks to the online world.


Neil Carey, the Commercial Manager of the Isle of Man Post Office, stated that “Online lotteries are the key growth business in iGaming right now. Lotteries as of now account for 29% of the gambling activity. Now 10% of the lottery sales occur online. There is a strong chance for potential growth.


Many people now all over the world can now have access to a lottery ticket without even leaving their couch. More and more people are spending a lot of time on the internet. A lot of people today like to incorporate the internet with their daily lives. Since this has been occurring a lot, this has led to a growth in the online lottery world. Also, people can set up payment options online. Meaning that they can subscribe to different lotteries. The numbers the players pick and their payment information are collected. Thanks to this, players do not have to worry about missing any draw. This is one of the reasons why the industry is growing.


Anna Garland, who works for Ignite Software Outsourcing, suggests that the online lottery software has been making the payment process better and more appealing. Payment options like Apple Pay, Paypal, credit and debit cards has allowed online lottery hubs like Lotto Booker to offer instant payments.


The increase of online lotteries does not necessarily mean that $1 billion will become normal in the next few years. Even though this does not necessarily mean that the jackpot would become this huge on a normal basis, it has started to pay dividends already, and that is in relation to ticket sales. If this continues as a trend, those who love to play the lottery, can expect bigger jackpots. They can also expect improvements on lottery provisions in these upcoming years. It will be interesting to see how far the online lottery world can go.

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