Jewel Twist Slot Review – Easy Slot Game for Money

A lot of slot game players are naturally heavily into items that are shiny. The game that will be discussed in this article is full of shiny items from start to finish.


Jewel Twist is a slot designed by Blueprint Gaming that has a simple universe and has an easy gameplay. With this being the case, this lets all of the potential players to get a simple start. With there being a few original features in this game, it will make a few players’ heads turn.


Right now it is time to learn about Jewel Twist and through reading this article, you will receive enough information in order to get you started with the game.


The Diamonds- Jewel Twist is all about precious stones. Also the game is much quite retro and it has the ability to make many slot players think about classic slot games they might have played a long time ago.


This is a game that has a background that has a mix of gold, pink, and blue colors. The reels are framed with jewels and gold which adds a very nice touch to the game.


The background details in this game are not that great. However since it is a game that is full of precious stones and large wins, great background details are not needed. The next section of this article will focus on the gameplay.


The Clicks- Jewel Twist is a game that a classic set up. Experienced slot players are more than likely very familiar with the set up.

This game has 5 reels and 10 paylines. All combination of symbols that land on a payline will give out a cash prize. It is best to try to receive as many of them as possible. In order to choose a wager you have to use the command buttons. Also, the command buttons have to be used to make the reels spin once you are ready.


It is important to keep in mind that prizes are based on the symbols lined up and on the size of your wager. The bigger the risk you take, the more you can potentially win. Pick your preferred wager and if you want to make the game faster you can switch the auto play game mode on. This can be done to make the reels spin for as many times as you want to and automatically it will place your chosen bet.


Following the Jewels- In this slot game, almost everything is about shiny stones. The paytable of this game is split into two different groups. When playing this game, keep in mind that in order for a combination to be a winning one, the payline has to contain at least three identical symbols.


The classic card symbols (J, K, Q, and A) are the most common symbols. You will see a lot of them on the reels. Up to 20 credits can be given out through them.


Famous jewels take up the rest of the menu. In total, there are five of them of all colors and shapes. The most elusive diamond is the large one and is the most valuable out of all of them. Landing five of these on a payline will get you 1,000 credits.


The Last Twist- There is an original bonus feature in this game and it has the ability to easily give you more opportunities to land wins on the reels.

The twist symbol can turn into any other symbol randomly. If you have some luck, the twist symbol will land where you need it to and give you an extra cash prize.


If twist symbols fill up an entire game screen, they will turn into the same icon. Guess what? They will give out one huge win. All you would have to do at this point is collect the huge prize.


Final Thoughts about the Game- The gameplay of Jewel Twist is very simple and at times it might feel a bit limited. The reason as to why it might feel a bit limited is because of the small amount of paylines available on 5 reels. However, one thing a slot player might love about this game is that has some originality to it. This feature can have a lot of value if you are lucky to have the twist symbol land where needed to. Outside of the feature, Jewel twist is a classic slot game that has a lot of precious stones, like a lot of other online slots that are on the market. Pretty much, this slot game is not a stand out even with the feature. However, if you are interested in playing a slot that offers a classic way to win some additional cash and is nice then you should play Jewel Twist.

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