Latest Aussie Casino News in January 2016

A group gambling campaigners in Tasmania released a new app that highlights the effect of pokies. This interactive app has made it easier to understand the effect of gambling on pokies. The special app shows a very detailed map of the island. On the map users can see areas that have the worst pokie losses. Developers of the app have stated that it will help the government solve the gambling problem in specific regions.


According to the current map on the app, Glenorchy outside Hobart has the worst losses in one year. At least $20 million were put into the machines in the suburb area. The areas that has the worse losses are highlighted in red.


Even Tasmania has had huge losses, their government insists that gambling is on a downward trend. Their government has been aware that Tasmania has a lower per capita average than other parts of Australia.


New South Wales and other parts of Australia are planning to keep its pokies in its place. Clubs have a higher amount of pokies than the island’s two casinos put together. Clubs have about 2,500 and the casinos have 1,680. The gambling industry in Tasmania strongly believes that restricting machines would hurt the government’s tax offers.


Others fear the opposite about this issue. Some fear that the popularity of gambling can cause damage to its economy. There is a big fear that the Australian population is spending too much on gambling. Another fear is that many family structures in Australia will become ruined because of the high gambling rate among the population. Recently the government has mentioned putting more focus on the gambling rate. In the future there might be rules in place to help decrease the amount of gambling that occurs. This really depends on how the government decides to act on it.


Currently the Federal Hotel Group controls gaming in Tasmania. They hold the monopoly gaming licenses. Their government has been considering whether or not to extend the group’s control further than 2023. There have been some people predicting that the group’s handling on gambling could be coming to an end soon.


TopBetta is an Australian online fantasy sports online firm. They recently inked a big deal with an Aussie media giant. The media giant they inked a deal with is Farifax. Recently there has been a big increase in fantasy sports. This new deal will allow TopBetta’s services to be promoted on 140 websites that are owned by the Australian media firm.


Currently the online fantasy sports firm has around 28,000 users, but they are hoping to increase their customer base by signing the deal. Along with fantasy sports and racing tournaments being big in the country of Australia. The website also offers fixed-odds betting.


Fantasy sports lets gamblers select a team for a series of upcoming matches within the sport. After they select a team, they then place bets and earn points based on how their players perform. Gamblers who score the highest each day win a share of the prize pool.


Players can bet on horseracing games along with sports. The player that has the most wins has the biggest share of the prize pool. Even though SuperCoach has been running in Australia for a while, daily fantasy sports is still new in the country. Currently TopBetta is being operated under the Norfolk Island License. They are operating under the license company to be able to offer real money.


Rax Hug and James Fitzgerald have also offered a new form of sports betting. They both once worked for FairFax media. Both of these sports betting companies have started the Moneyball website. These two offers daily fantasy sports. Both contain a big chance to have a share of the million-dollar prize pool. Players are able to track their team picks in real games as they are taking place.


Many predict that this sports betting business will take over a lot and will last for a very long time.


Sports betting has been on the rise in Australia and in other parts of the world. Many people like to make bets on sports all the time or just for championship games. In the United States, bets for the Super Bowl go super high.


In the United States, fantasy sports has exploded. The major fantasy sports companies are Draftkings and FanDuel. Billions of dollars has been awarded to players for different sports that ranges from hockey to basketball to college football. Fantasy sports websites take a cut of every single entry that is paid. The players are going against each other like peer to peer exchanges.


DraftKings recently opened up their site in the UK. In the UK, fantasy football is very popular.

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