iTunes Casino Apps that Apple Deems Legal

Many people question whether or not gambling apps on iTunes are legal, specifically ones that deal with real money. A lot of gamblers have questioned this because lawmakers recently have been becoming less friendly about gambling, because of the high percentage of illegal gambling that has been occurring.


The law in Australia has had a ban on mobile gambling games that deals with real money under the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. This has caused Apple to remove its gambling real cash apps. However the law has not made it illegal for Australian citizens to have access to those services. Interactive gambling on mobile devices is legal in Australia. According to news reports the law also prohibits foreign nations from providing interactive gambling services to citizens in Australia. The act has not been enforced, even though recently the government announced that they will focus more on this law. Focusing more on this law will cause less confusion hopefully, and will make gamblers take the rules more seriously. It will also cause more restrictions be put on the loopholes for this act that was signed in 2001. The reason it has caused so much confusion is because of the way the app store is designed. Also because there are a lot of restrictions put on the online gambling games, which are confusing as well. It is best for the government to make this act less confusing as soon as possible. There should also be more lines drawn between the act to help the current situation out.


The Apple store no longer has advertisements for their widely recognized and licensed gambling apps like PokerStars and 888Poker or any other gambling game that involves real money. They have been making moves to remove pokies, blackjacks, and roulette apps which had become available. Their remaining services are legal to be played in Australia. However PokerStars is still available in the United States app store, as it is one of the few gambling hubs that holds tournaments internationally.


The Australian law does not make it illegal for gamblers to have access to sites and apps that are for gambling. As of now the ban only applies to operating online casinos and the marketing that is involved along with advertising games that deal with real cash. There are legal loopholes that gamblers can take on if they would like to do so.


Royal Vegas Casino has a market app in which Australians can have legal access and install through their distributing platform such as the Apple Store. For legal reasons the name of the app is called Royal Vegas. The same goes for Spin Palace Casino, otherwise known as Spin Palace.


888 Poker has its own non-market application. Those who would like to download this app might have to change their settings on their phone to allow unknown apps to be installed. Players can play real cash games. It is important to note that players cannot actually download this app on an Apple device because iOS does not support it, unless their phone is jailbroken. However iPad and iPhone users can still have access to poker apps that involve real money.
The Parliament in Australia has been considering to make an amendment to the Act that would prohibit purchases of virtual credit that are in-app. The nation has also launched an inquiry to apps into the think of the children mode because many families have been receiving bills after children did not realize that their purchases involved real money.


The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 has been confusing to a lot of people. Australia’s government has been trying to develop ways to make the law less complicated. As of now no laws have been set to make the act less confusing than it is currently.


The Apple store on iOS devices is nationwide. Many of the games on the store are nationwide. Apple and the Australian government have to find ways to come together on making the rule narrower without it interfering with rules for other countries. Some of the games that are illegal in Australia are legal in the United States and in other parts of the world. With gambling having such a big influence on the Australia atmosphere, it is crucial that this law becomes clearer more than ever. Making the act clearer will only help the situation not hurt it. The country of Australia needs this done as soon as possible. The gambling laws should be more enforced because this will cause more understanding.


Citizens in Australia must have a clear understanding of what gambling games are legal in the store, especially since it plays a big role in the country. Gambling laws in Australia should not be ignored anymore. The more they are ignored, the more confusion there will be about them, especially with Apple being one of the biggest companies in the world.

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