Island Slot – Leave Your Worries Behind in this Game

Are you in the mood to leave your worries behind? If so, the game you are about to find out about will take you on trip away from home.

Island slot, developed by the Igrosoft team is set on an unnamed island that is located in the middle of the ocean. It is not near civilization. The only worry you will have when playing this game is making sure the reels continue to spin until you win the jackpot. If you think you need a good trip, make sure you keep reading this to learn about the game.


The Design of the Game- This game was designed to make you forget about your daily routine and allow you to experience paradise, but obviously in a virtual way. It is designed in an old school fashion. In other words this is a good virtual slot that has an old school type of feel to it. There is a lot of flashing that takes place and also there are square shaped bottoms located at the bottom. In this metallic casing, you will see a clear view of the ocean, along with a sailor floating on a makeshift boat in a slow manner. You do not want to end up stranded in the middle of the ocean like this sailor.


In order to avoid being stranded in the middle of the ocean, like that sailor you have to keep reading this review.


Sailing Away- This slot game is very straightforward. Its rules are very easy to understand if you are familiar with slots. All you have to do is look at screen and you will know where you are at and what should be done.

This game has 5 different reels and 3 symbol positions on each one. This game provides 9 paylines. These 9 paylines are where the winning combinations have to be landed at in order to receive cash prizes. Also, the wager and symbols landed play a role in the sizes of prizes. The bet button is designed to change the bet for each line and line shortcuts to either activate or deactivate a payline on the screen.


In this game, there is also an optional mini game that comes along after each win. You must think carefully about this option because if you guess right the reward can be doubled, but any wrong guess will take the reward away.


The Symbol Values- The paytable in Island has decent ray of symbols. They are all related to the theme of the game. The four most common and least valuable symbols are the ship wheel, the bottle of rum, the tuna can, and the seagull. Next up is the game logo, the turtle, the buoy, and the dolphin. These symbols are worth up to 5,000 coins at once.


Winning symbol combinations can be formed in a few different ways. In the game’s menu, players can see the grid pattern for this. The highest symbol combinations have 5 identical symbols. However, extra coins can still be won if only 3 or 4 are lined up in a proper manner.


Taking a Shortcut to get to the Treasure- There are some hidden special symbols in this game. The joker is the wild card of the game and it can replace all of the basic symbols except for the game’s logo. It can be used to score additional combinations when least expected to do so and it can let you receive more coins.


The scatter in this game is the island symbol. All three of these symbols are needed to get to the bonus game. They can be in any position. If you help lead the stranded sailor back to the island, you will be rewarded for going to the right direction each time. Guess what? If you make it to the island and avoid the traps that come along the way, you will be eligible for the island jackpot.


Even though the Island Slot has the old school slot type of feel to it, there are some nice surprises in this game. These surprises do add on some excitement into the game. If you play the game long enough, you see the possibilities that are offered in this game. Basically, do not let your eyes deceive you once you see the game. This is definitely not a game to judge by its cover. Keep in mind, the stakes in this game are high on every single spin. The possibilities in this game are as big as the ocean. Trust me on this. This is a game that is definitely worth the time. Play this game and get way from all the worries going on in your life. Also, do your best to help out the stranded sailor. Not only is that a good deed, but you will also be rewarded.

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