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The iPhone is Apple’s flagship product these days, one that propelled them from a struggling technology company into one of the richest companies in the world. Without the iPhone, there would be no iPad, and we might not even have smartphones or tablets. This is one of the most important devices of the last few years, and one that has made our lives considerably easier.

The iPhone is faster, more powerful and more intuitive than anything else on the market. It also comes bundled with one of the most user-friendly operating systems you will find, as well as nifty features that set this device apart from its competitors.

The iPhone and Gambling

Unlike the competing Android operating system, the iPhone iOS does not place any restrictions on online gambling and gambling apps. You can find these apps in the App Store and should not have an issue downloading them. However, in most cases you are better off going direct to the website and downloading the app from there, as the App Store doesn’t have all gambling apps and tends only to list the most popular ones from the biggest sites.

Slots on your iPhone

There is no shortage of “fun play” slots available on your iPhone. These can be downloaded through the App Store and played instantly, even connecting to your Facebook account. However, these slots are bundled with ads, they are full of useless “in-app purchases” and there is no way to win or even risk real money on them.

However, there are also ways that you can play real money slots on your iPhone. Simply sign up to an online casino that offers mobile compatibility, download the software and start playing straight away.

Mobile Gambling Safety

Your phone goes with you wherever you go, and it is very easily misplaced, lost or even stolen. So it always makes sense to put a lock on your phone or to download software that can remotely wipe all of the data when it is stolen. This way you are not putting online gambling accounts and the details on them in the hands of someone who will abuse them.

Of course, the online gambling site also understand this risk, so many of them will require you to enter your password when you open the app, and others will insist that you only use the Cashier through your desktop, therefore not exposing any of your financial details on your device.

The Best iPhone Casino Software

Microgaming have the oldest software, and they are often rated as the best. They were actually the very first online casino, before they realized that they could make more money simply licensing their software out to other casinos and focusing on the developmental side of things.

Microgaming are innovators and pioneers in this industry. They are the ones behind progressive jackpot slots, bonus slots and other major developments, and without them the industry would look decidedly different. In fact, Microgaming’s impact on the world of online gambling is similar to the iPhone’s impact on the word of technology, because while they are no longer the only ones and while it is debatable whether they are even the best, they got there first and they laid the foundations.

Many players prefer Microgaming’s rival, Playtech, when it comes to table games and trading software, but when it comes to slots, Microgaming can not be beaten. They have more slots than any other developer and their slots also include some of the biggest licenses and trademarks, from smash hit TV shows like Game of Thrones, to iconic film franchises like Jurassic Park and Terminator.

Microgaming also have some of the best mobile gambling software, available on iOS and other platforms. It is quick, safe and easy to navigate, with a huge choice of pokies to play. 

Spin Palace

So, if Microgaming is the best software for mobile slots, then what is the best online casino? For that, you need not look any further than Spin Palace, one of the oldest Microgaming casinos around, and one of the most respected as well. Spin Palace is part of the BetWay brand, which tells you all that you need to know about its size, its reach, its security and its dedication to customer satisfaction.

One of the things that sets Spin Palace apart is the Spin Palace Loyalty Club, which gives you free cash, prizes and more every time you play. Very few online casinos reward loyalty these days, and in that way they are falling behind offline casinos, where perks are always on hand for loyal players. Spin Palace bucks the trend though, and this loyalty scheme rewards you regardless of how much you gamble or how often you gamble.

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