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The iPad was the first tablet of the new generation, one that changed the way we browse the internet, the way we shop and the way we communicate. The iPad followed on from the iPhone and the iPod before it, combining some of Apple’s best technology with some new ideas to create something that would change the technological world.

The iPad

The iPad is often considered to be the best tablet on the market, but it was certainly not the first. In fact, the name “Tablet” was coined by Microsoft some 10 years earlier, when they created a similar device. However, the technology was not as advanced and the world was not ready, so this device flopped and was lost to time, leaving only its name to live on.

It was the iPod Touch and the iPhone that helped to pave the way for the iPad some years later, because thanks to the success of these devices, the world was already primed for this new creation.

The iPad and Gambling

The iPad has changed the way that we gamble in our homes. It is much cheaper than the iPhone and has spawned devices that are affordable for everyone. These devices have made it possible for everyone to gamble on the go, to play their favorite games on the train, in the car or in their home. They are much easier than laptops and desktops and they can offer just as much processing power and speed.

With the iPad you can do everything from playing poker at your favorite poker site, to playing slots at your favorite online casino. All of the best sites have mobile apps, and these are created to work perfectly with the smaller touch-screen device.

Slots on your iPad

Not all of the slots that you can find on desktop software will be available on your iPad. This is because they need to be adapted first, with the developer making the necessary changes to ensure that the slot works on a touch-screen device. The good thing is that this conversion seems to be easier than it is with smartphones, as the screen is bigger. And because most of us own tablets these days, and because there are more tablet users than desktop and laptop users, it is definitely economical for developers to invest time and money into making these conversions.

There is also the fact that all new slots are created to be compatible with tablets like the iPad, with many slots actually being created specifically for mobile use. This includes slots like Beehive Reactors, which combines all of your favorite mobile games, as well as a celebrated slot format to create a title that everyone will enjoy.

Mobile Gambling Safety

There should be no issues with regards to safety, but to make sure, you should protect your iPad with a password, just incase it falls into the wrong hands. This is not always necessary though, as many online gambling sites will not store your financial details on the app and will almost never let you deposit and withdraw through the app, or without logging in first. Still, it is better to be safe than sorry, and if someone accesses your device and your account without your permission, you could stand to lose a lot of money.

The Best iPad Software

So, what software works best with your iPad, what developer is more focused on the mobile market? Well, the truth is that all of the major developers are fairly good at providing mobile compatibility these days, but when it comes to great slots, both mobile and desktop, you can’t go much wrong with Microgaming. They have been around the longest, they have more slots than anyone else and they also create new slots at a greater rate than anyone.

This is why Microgaming are considered to be the best by slot fans across Australia and why you should always seek a Microgaming casino when looking to play some quality mobile pokies.

Spin Palace

One of the biggest Microgaming casinos out there is Spin Palace. Not only has this casino been going strong for close to 2 decades now, but it also has the widest selection of Microgaming pokies, as well as some of the biggest bonuses you will find. In fact, Spin Palace is one of the few online casinos where you can still find a loyalty scheme, one that rewards you every time you take a spin on a pokie or play a game of dice, cards or roulette.

Spin Palace is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, the same people behind some of the biggest gambling brands in the world, including BetWay. In fact, BetWay bought Spin Palace a few years ago, adding it to their arsenal of gambling brands and making it one of the biggest online casinos in the world.

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